How to win on LinkedIn and get the Influence you Deserve.

How to win on LinkedIn and get the Influence you Deserve.

It’s all in the headline, especially when it comes to a Linkedin profile.

“Your headline is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist. So, from copywriting and content marketing standpoint, writing great headlines is a critical skill.”

So says the copy blogger website and so say should you!



Copy Blogger website


Especially when it comes to Linkedin

The Copy Blogger article goes onto mention some interesting statistics such as 8 out of 10 read a headline, but only 2 out of 10 go on to read the article…

If you don’t have a good headline then why would anyone want to go onto read your profile.



LinkedIn Image


The whole top box section of your LinkedIn profile is an essential part of attracting the interest of others to your profile. If you achieve this then you get a chance at presenting to them on how you can help them out or solve their problems!

You have to get them engaged first foremost The word is you have a matter of seconds to do this, before they move on to the next one.

Make it count when you get the chance!

The video below gives you some do’s and do not’s about how to create a great top box and headline.

It highlights the mistakes that can be made and how the use of keywords that support the services or products you supply can make a massive difference.

I hope you find it useful and am happy to chat about any of the issues raised.

You can get me on LinkedIn of course.

I’m open link so anybody can drop a line.

Please do get in touch!

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The Dark Art of Public speaking…

The Dark Art of Public speaking…


Soon I will be standing at a podium in Hall 3 of the The Great British Business Show at the Excel exhibition centre in London talking about LinkedIn.

With around about an hour and five minutes to go before taking the stage, I can feel that slightly tight feeling of fear. Fear of messing it up or fear of making a fool of yourself.

It shouldn’t happen, probably won’t happen, but you cant help thinking about it.

A couple of pints of Carlsberg and the creation of a blog post go some way to calming those feelings of trepidation.



A beer and a blog post to calm the nerves!

So why do it?

Paul McVeigh told me in a podcast that some people would prefer death than stand and talk in front of a crowd. I have done it a few times, but you never lose the prematch feeling. Paul was very fearful and made a point of overcoming that fear. So much so that he compared the Hyde Park Fan Park during the London Olympics in 2012 in front of 40,000 people.



Makes my gig today seem piddling by comparison!

This is why.

The answer to that is really simple. It is very much a promotional tool for the business. By standing there and sharing knowledge, there comes a gain of credibility and of trust with those people you engage with. I impart good, useful information with absolutely no expectation of any kind of reciprocity.

The truth is that people are kind and generous and they do return to you in volume. The last time I did this for the same show( at a different venue) I made several connections that last to this day.

Another key factor is it is a great way to meet new people and improve my own network. I am not forcing anyone to come, they are choosing to do so. This means in simple terms that they have an interest in LinkedIn and want to make the best out of it. It is simply my job to let that happen. I do that, they like me and remember me for doing a good job.

Hopefully in a few months time if they have some problem that might need solving, then they will look me up on LinkedIn and ask me to help out.

You never know. Stranger things do happen and indeed have!

And so I come back to this post at 21:30 and all is done.

I met some great people including Jan Thomas from Prsym, the event organisers, and a number of people after the talk. The card I have in my hand is that of Katherine Barton, who was kind enough to come up and have a chat at the end. Social stuff included the retweet below from the show and thanks to Dean Howard of Telefonica for the kind words on LinkedIn.



Jan Thomas Twitter pic from the Great British Business show today

It wasn’t So Bad!! Hopefully do it again in November.


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Tips on How to Create a Successful Company Page on LinkedIn

Tips on How to Create a Successful Company Page on LinkedIn


There is a real power in LinkedIn Company Pages, and they are free for everyone to use.

For a few months now, I have been doing some Business development work for a company called Fluid Design and Construction. The company, run by Dave Coville Wright, focuses on creating fantastic interiors for temporary structures. Fluid work for the likes of DeBoer structures on a high class events and have also worked in extreme environments such as Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan. (Building a hotel)

Dave approached me a while back to help him with his web platforms which we did with both the Fluid site and the new TABS site. More recently we have been focusing on social media and how that can help develop the business. Fluid being very much B2B fits well with LinkedIn.


David Coville Wright on site during the build at Kandahar Air Field

Dave has recently upgraded his profile  last weekend, and with his permission, I set about the company page this week. You can see it here.


Fluid Temporary structure fit-out - Kandahar Hotel build

I have to say at the end of the process, I’m really pleased with what we’ve achieved. It is amazing that you can effectively rebuild the content from your own website within the boundaries of LinkedIn.

This has some significant benefits. Not least the fact that LinkedIn is held in extremely high regard by Google. Any links coming back from LinkedIn to your site become quickly indexed within the search engines. By creating a company page and a product showcase for each product or service, you are enabled to link back to individual pages within your own website.

Everybody should do it.

Almost immediately the difference was tangible within LinkedIn search. Previously I have been frustrated when searching for Fluid using LinkedIn’s own search engine. It simply did not come up in results. Amazingly & with almost immediate effect, references to fluid appeared on the front page (including staff members) the moment we published the optimised Company Page.

I got a big buzz out of this and so decided to make a video which you will see above or on Youtube. It shows three different Company Pages, including Fluids, and compares the difference between making some effort in this area and not. The differences are stunning.

Only by taking advantage of a completely free opportunity, did we get the  quantum improvement in our ranking. Really it was from no where to the front page. I would urge you to consider the same.

If you need any help, then you know where I am.

Have a great week!

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New LinkedIn Showcase pages for Dojo Media Consulting.

New LinkedIn Showcase pages for Dojo Media Consulting.


A recently added feature for LinkedIn has been the addition of Showcase Pages.

These pages allow companies and brands to show off their diverse range of products and services. To create a showcase page, you have to have a company page. By selecting edit on your Company page, a drop-down menu appears. From this menu, you can select “create a showcase page”.

It may be as a business you had a number of products or a diverse range of services. The showcase page is your window for showing off the variety within your business.



DoJo Media Consulting LinkedIn Showcase Page


It makes sense to me to have ago and just see how it works. For me, it was a fairly simple Choice to highlight my new business, DoJo Media Consulting.

DoJo is the result of a collaboration with my good friend and mentor, Dom Goucher. Dom has been a Digital Media Consultant for 10 years, providing consulting and training services in Digital Media Production and Marketing to his clients around the world.

As well as his consulting work, he publishes his own Digital Magazine and co-hosts PreneurCast, a popular business and marketing podcast.

Our paths have steadily come together over the last few months, partly because of my interest in li LinkedIn. Things really started to move when I have a meeting with a client who not only wanted to learn more of what lived in could do for him, but volunteered that the Company needed additional help in other areas.

To get some context here, I have been talking to people recently about how new Internet is. In fact in usable form Internet is about 18 years old. The point is that people are still learning about how it works, or relying on others to do so on their behalf. In a short period of time, we have met up with half a dozen companies in this state.

All of them are paying good money to be advised in this important part of their marketing strategies. All of them had some kind of defined problem with their web forms despite the support they were requesting.

Dojo’s real skill comes in highlighting current problems, then providing the correct solution.

When asking the question why does one company or another market on the Internet? The common answer is “because everyone else is”. When you consider the statement it is not a very good answer. Dojo’s methods revolve around working with individual businesses to first audit their current position and to discover the real objectives for that business. From the understanding, we reverse engineer A digital solution to help that company achieve its goals.

Our new LinkedIn showcase page will highlight some of these solutions and share some of the stories we come across. I hope you like it, and if you think it’ll help you, please do pay a visit

Have a great week and Happy Christmas!!

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9 ways that a LinkedIn Company Page can directly benefit your Business

9 ways that a LinkedIn Company Page can directly benefit your Business


Does your business need a boost from LinkedIn?

Are your tired of not getting enough leads from your company web site?

Do you want to find out how a LinkedIn company page can be 277% more effective in lead generation than either Facebook and Twitter -Hubspot



Here are 9 reasons you should build your LinkedIn Company Page now.

  • Expand your marketing reach and appear professionally in front of your client community
  • Connect with top prospects and engage with your current clients
  • Establish Credibility and market leadership
  • Attract great talent to your business
  • Create a clear and distinct message for your companies strengths and capabilities
  • Communicate directly with foreign clients 24 hours a day
  • Improve the ranking of your corporate site with Google and other search engines as a direct result of having a LinkedIn page
  • Have the opportunity to communicate with 238 million like minded business people and well over 2 million businesses
  • Engage and communicate with your community. Answer their problems, complement their successes, then watch your brand and profitability grow.

LinkedIn is a global business directory that has immense power. In promoting your business it is always the case that the more you put into your marketing effort, the more you  get out. The problem is finding the time to research the material, create a high quality page and then to go on an curate great content that your community will engage with and appreciate.



Make your company stand out with an "outstanding" LinkedIn Company Page

IFS Media (through have both the expertise and time to make the very best of your companies presence on LinkedIn. We always challenge the ordinary and have wide based skills in delivering quality content that will make a positive return for you and your business

Call now on +44 203 286 7463

or email

or Skype connect on ID : jeusdeus.

Find out how we can help you to create an optimal company page.  Discover how to build a following that will bring both new leads and new clients to your business, directly from LinkedIn


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Ten Reasons to get around to completing that Linkedin Profile

Ten Reasons to get around to completing that Linkedin Profile


I recently started helping people to make the best of their profiles. Part of the process has been to educate why it is an important thing to consider. Here are a few of the reasons I have been using to convey that message.

  • The site is in simple terms a data base of 238 million business contacts. It is a global business yellow pages with much greater intelligence than would be gained from a phone book listing

238,000,000 business people are users of LinkedIn!

  • LinkedIn is credible and trustworthy in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Activity on LinkedIn can have direct positive and real benefit when linked to your company owned internet property
  • When you create a rich profile and complete all aspects in full, you create an all star banner headline that stands out as an individual or a company page
  • IM- is brilliant! Messaging that can get through to any LinkedIn member (whether you know them or not!)
  • There is a common phrase that “people buy from people they  like”. A bolt on of social media is that “people like the people they think they know”.(Thanks to Chris Brogan for that one!)  Connections and rich profiles for both individuals and companies fuel and assist this process
  • The advanced and save-able search capacities allow users to research clients competitors and suppliers in incredible detail.
  • Company pages – A well developed company page is a great communication tool for any business allowing engagement and connection with a potentially vast audience of both leads and Promoters
  • The LinkedIn Analytics package allows you to measure your progress, monitor growth of follower base and the effectiveness of status posts.
  • LinkedIn promotes and allows both individuals and Companies to freely leverage their impression on the network. The simple truth is the more you put in, the more you will get out
  • One of the ways to add leverage is the creation and development of groups. Groups aimed at solving peoples problems and answering their questions can powerfully add to individual and company aims and ambition

The reasons people do not complete profile are various, but usually revolve around two factors

  • They don’t t have the time to complete the profile
  • They don’t fully understand the added value to them and their business that comes from completing a profile in LinkedIn

We can help you with this. For further details please leave me your email. Top right of this page

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Getting the basics right with LinkedIn – It’s all in the profile!

Getting the basics right with LinkedIn – It’s all in the profile!


I have been considering tips to try out when filling in your LinkedIn Profile

So, lets start with some internet happenings. I do see, read and listen to a lot of content from different sources.  One of the phrases you commonly hear banded around online is “Im super excited!” – The phrase is used to describe anything, especially when they are trying to sell you the next big thing.

It is also fairly common that as soon as someone has read (or written) a book, that they become an “expert” in the field. Within minutes they are telling anybody who will listen, that they are the ones that know best! A true expert for you to believe in.

I have to report I have read LinkedIn Power formula by Wayne Breitbarth.

I have also been lurking in internet towers for a couple of years.

An expert?

No, but an interested person who contributes to the internet regularly and also knows more than the average person does about the LinkedIn platform.   I also have an appreciation for what LinkedIn can potentially do to improve the way people see and find you.

I have decided to put my hand up here.  I am going to write about it, read more into it and share some things that I believe will be of interest (and importantly) of use to you.

To kick off I just had a ping round my LinkedIn Connections and I am now looking to prove a point.

I called a good mate of mine, Dave Withey, who happens to be the Sales Director for one of the most highly rated seating companies in the world Arena Seating

At this point I would normally put in a nice picture of Dave with a caption etc and you would all be saying, ” He looks like a nice fellow that I wouldnt mind doing business with!”

But not this time!

Dave has no photo on his LinkedIn Profile…

In-fact he has a pretty duff profile all the way through, simply by not taking the time to fill it out.

Dave you are not alone here



Is this Dave of Withey Arena Seating - you would not know from his Linkedin Profile.


By way of example here is an image of Dave’s current page.

In a short short time you are going to see a major and positive transformation here.

Starting at the Top

It starts with a photo. Getting on with people and more importantly being able to trust someone are both key factors in life and work. This works online and off line.

When we are introduced to anybody our minds start working out what we think of that person from the second we cast eyes on them.  So it is hardly a great sign to be greeted by a blank avatar or nothing at all. At the very least you put yourself behind any body who has bothered to present an image.

The rest of Dave’s profile is similarly sparse on detail. No summary at all, little detail on his career to date and a real indication that Dave is not an active user or particular fan of the platform we call LinkedIn. The truth is in current form that Dave is sub optimal in his approach (by some distance) and that his prescence on LinkedIn is doing him few favours.

So what is to be done?

I spoke with Dave briefly and suggested I might be able to help him improve his lot. What we have not discussed is the other advantages of being a little more active in the biggest business database that the world has ever seen. Google for business is another way to look at it. There are a lot of people here and you can if you know how get to all of them.. A great intelligence tool for any business.

And so in the next week or so (at least when he has some Time!) I am going to talk to David and he will emerge in time a new man. (At least in Linked-in terms.) I will share with you the process and the changes we make. I am sure you will see and understand that value as we make progress.

Finally as we are going to change it, it will be worth you taking a look at Dave’s profile as it stands . You can Find it here

It should be interesting to compare the current situation with the positive changes we introduce in time.

Have a great week….

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LinkedIn – A project

LinkedIn – A project

Whats to be done?


I believe the social relationships we form in business, are key to long term positive outcomes we seek.

Having got very close to social media over the last couple of years, I now wish to use this knowledge to consult, speak and train people (with a special eye toward  LinkedIn usage and strategy).

I want to work with companies or individuals who are looking for a full understanding of the different ways we can connect up, and in doing so improve the way we engage and communicate with the people who are important to us.

I believe the people we meet and connections we make, are a vital component in building the success of any given endeavour.


linkedin business networking

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. Photo: LinkedIn


The simple idea of freely sharing with others and seeking people who can believe in the same beliefs that you hold , is just about the best way to get to a long term and fruitful relationship.

In business terms LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to have in your hand.

I agree with the idea that people buy from people they know and more often from people they like. I also think it is the case that people like the people they think they know. Just check the view of Chris Brogan on that in his book on Google + .

This part of the theory has taken a leap and a bound since the social media machine started rolling down the hill. It lends some weight to why I believe that social media and specifically LinkedIn are truly worth every bit of effort you put into it.


linkedin business networking

Chris Brogan


From an early age I have always enjoyed the company of others. I found it easy to make friends and have always been the first on to call up others socially or for business. I have always aimed to inspire others to make something positive happen.

“Every company organisation or group with the ability to inspire,starts with a person who is inspired to do something bigger than themselves. ” so says Simon Sinek

That is my cause. To do something that is bigger than just me. For sometime I have tried to narrow down the niche from where I cab achieve my best art and at the same time help others.

If networking is my home, then LinkedIn is a very natural place for me to work in.

I would be pleased to share my knowledge with you.

Do get in touch

Have a great week!


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