The Dark Art of Public speaking…

The Dark Art of Public speaking…


Soon I will be standing at a podium in Hall 3 of the The Great British Business Show at the Excel exhibition centre in London talking about LinkedIn.

With around about an hour and five minutes to go before taking the stage, I can feel that slightly tight feeling of fear. Fear of messing it up or fear of making a fool of yourself.

It shouldn’t happen, probably won’t happen, but you cant help thinking about it.

A couple of pints of Carlsberg and the creation of a blog post go some way to calming those feelings of trepidation.



A beer and a blog post to calm the nerves!

So why do it?

Paul McVeigh told me in a podcast that some people would prefer death than stand and talk in front of a crowd. I have done it a few times, but you never lose the prematch feeling. Paul was very fearful and made a point of overcoming that fear. So much so that he compared the Hyde Park Fan Park during the London Olympics in 2012 in front of 40,000 people.



Makes my gig today seem piddling by comparison!

This is why.

The answer to that is really simple. It is very much a promotional tool for the business. By standing there and sharing knowledge, there comes a gain of credibility and of trust with those people you engage with. I impart good, useful information with absolutely no expectation of any kind of reciprocity.

The truth is that people are kind and generous and they do return to you in volume. The last time I did this for the same show( at a different venue) I made several connections that last to this day.

Another key factor is it is a great way to meet new people and improve my own network. I am not forcing anyone to come, they are choosing to do so. This means in simple terms that they have an interest in LinkedIn and want to make the best out of it. It is simply my job to let that happen. I do that, they like me and remember me for doing a good job.

Hopefully in a few months time if they have some problem that might need solving, then they will look me up on LinkedIn and ask me to help out.

You never know. Stranger things do happen and indeed have!

And so I come back to this post at 21:30 and all is done.

I met some great people including Jan Thomas from Prsym, the event organisers, and a number of people after the talk. The card I have in my hand is that of Katherine Barton, who was kind enough to come up and have a chat at the end. Social stuff included the retweet below from the show and thanks to Dean Howard of Telefonica for the kind words on LinkedIn.



Jan Thomas Twitter pic from the Great British Business show today

It wasn’t So Bad!! Hopefully do it again in November.


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LinkedIn Influencer programme opens up to all

LinkedIn Influencer programme opens up to all


LinkedIn is making one of its bigger plays at the moment

The business networking site is expanding the LinkedIn Influencer program which began in autumn of 2012. Previously the program was open to invited superstars of business such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, James Khan and the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk.

As of the middle of February2014 the number of influences increased from 150 up to 500. Since then, a further 25,000 early adopters have applied to be let into the fold. (Me being one of them)



So why are they doing it, and why should you think about taking part?

Today’s world is all about the content, the more varied that content is the better. In the long term, LinkedIn will open this platform to all; allowing long form articles to be written and posted instead of, or in conjunction with standard daily posting.

The influx of new content helps LinkedIn by increasing advertising revenue and generally improving the sites business model. At the same time, they are increasing its value to the membership by nurturing ever higher levels of engaging content.

From a business point of view, it adds another stream of available space to get your message to the people that count.

So, from the Top.

1. You get to fill in your own personal web page (your profile), and the opportunity to post information on that page.
2. You can advance on to create a business page that will mirror and link directly to the content on your own business website. Once again you can post information and ask people to follow your business from this page.
3. Now with the influencer program opening up, you can write long form articles that relate to your industry and/or the world of business in general. All on a platform that’s biggest fan by far on the Internet is Google.

A positive & effective media strategy is all about creating layers of rich, accurate and interesting content about you and your world. The more that you place on platforms that are credible and trusted, the better the chance that your content will be seen and enjoyed by others.

Within Linkedin, you can pretty much do this all in one place.

Published articles on the new platform will appear in an e-mail digest and on the mobile LinkedIn application, Pulse. Posts will appear on the profiles and will live forever as part of your professional identity.

To reach those who can benefit from the knowledge, LinkedIn automatically utilises algorithms to connect up with users of similar industries, or interests, thereby better targeting the right posts to the right people.

The opportunity for a viral Post is assisted once again by LinkedIn’s rather smart algorithms. They can identify articles that are gaining traction, going on to distribute those articles in a far broader fashion



Top Influencers on LinkedIn


Are you beginning to see the value in what’s happening here?

So what is this really mean? To LinkedIn it meant their share price closing 3% higher with the share price at $192 dollars a pop. The valuation of the company’s market capitalization has doubled over the last year to $23,000,000,000. Just about all investors like the progress that LinkedIn is making. The cycle continues with LinkedIn adding significant value to its members as time moves on.

Have a great week

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Captivated or turned off? How do people see your content?

Captivated or turned off? How do people see your content?


One of the big things you need to understand is that the internet is a changing beast.

I have spent a lot of time raving on that the web is less than 20 years old. At least in a form that is useful to man or beast. In the early days and I am talking the mid late 90’s here, it was a race to get your gold and bold website up and online. They worked very well as they were shiny and new and more to the point they were the only show in town.

As time has progressed, so did the evolution of all things internet. Blogging started and oh how I wish I had started doing this back in 1998, as it would have been a hell of a ride. (Jealous note of someone like Chris Brogan  who was in from the beginning when blogs were called Journals)

From there, we saw the kickoff of social media and one of the earliest starters for this was LinkedIn, along with MySpace. The latter is a great example of the speed of change as it was once a burning light, now it is a flicker of it’s former self.

So we move from social media to mobile devices. In essence, these are the ways that people engage with the internet on the whole. They get their news from twitter, keep up with their friends on Facebook and use the powerful tools in LinkedIn to conduct their business. Whats more is that they do it on Phones and tablets. A big tipping point came last year when more people were using Mobile devices than desktop computers. If you are in a bar of Cafe reading this, just look around you… They are all over the place.

So what are the secrets here?

Keep it short and make it rich in a nutshell.

I would be delighted if any of you who read to this point drop a comment at the bottom. If I were making a video of this post, it would be far more likely to engage with people than my written word. Less effort and time for them to read it. If you have made it this far.. Well Done. The end is in sight!

Who are the real winners?

Those who engage with the people they want to be with. Those who talkabout others rather than themselves, Those that say well done to people who have done something great and finally those that solve the problems of others.

One of the best I have seen recently is Jason Silva. A cracking presenter of science and future ideas and the source of this post. He is unbelievably enigmatic and tells wonderful stories along the way. He solves problems for people by trying to put some sense into the unknown and what is coming around the corner (including Death!)


business networking

Jason Silva - Modern Day Philosopher.


He came up with an interesting phrase

“ The world has changed more in the last 100 years than it has in the previous billion years.”

A big number and a big thought. The question is where will we be in the next hundred years. Actually forget that where will we be in the next 6 months!?? One thing is for sure. If you are still sitting on your five year old web site with no hook into social media, then your business is missing a trick..

Want to find out more? Drop me a line and sign up for our email updates… Top Right if you looking Have a fabulous week!

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9 ways that a LinkedIn Company Page can directly benefit your Business

9 ways that a LinkedIn Company Page can directly benefit your Business


Does your business need a boost from LinkedIn?

Are your tired of not getting enough leads from your company web site?

Do you want to find out how a LinkedIn company page can be 277% more effective in lead generation than either Facebook and Twitter -Hubspot



Here are 9 reasons you should build your LinkedIn Company Page now.

  • Expand your marketing reach and appear professionally in front of your client community
  • Connect with top prospects and engage with your current clients
  • Establish Credibility and market leadership
  • Attract great talent to your business
  • Create a clear and distinct message for your companies strengths and capabilities
  • Communicate directly with foreign clients 24 hours a day
  • Improve the ranking of your corporate site with Google and other search engines as a direct result of having a LinkedIn page
  • Have the opportunity to communicate with 238 million like minded business people and well over 2 million businesses
  • Engage and communicate with your community. Answer their problems, complement their successes, then watch your brand and profitability grow.

LinkedIn is a global business directory that has immense power. In promoting your business it is always the case that the more you put into your marketing effort, the more you  get out. The problem is finding the time to research the material, create a high quality page and then to go on an curate great content that your community will engage with and appreciate.



Make your company stand out with an "outstanding" LinkedIn Company Page

IFS Media (through have both the expertise and time to make the very best of your companies presence on LinkedIn. We always challenge the ordinary and have wide based skills in delivering quality content that will make a positive return for you and your business

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Find out how we can help you to create an optimal company page.  Discover how to build a following that will bring both new leads and new clients to your business, directly from LinkedIn


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