5 Improvements Linkedin could make, that everyone would love to see

5 Improvements Linkedin could make, that everyone would love to see

I am a fan, in fact; I am a big fan of LinkedIn.

I spend a good deal of my time evangelising the benefits a company can derive from having a well put together presence on LinkedIn.

So, why is it that when you attempt to create this beautiful and effective presence on LinkedIn, you come up against a dinosaur of a backend that on occasions does its best to stop you?

Within the last week, I have been working with a client to have them establish an effective Company page to promote their business successfully. The company is called ES Global, a fascinating business who are one of the biggest players in global sports overlay and touring stage hire.

ES Globals stage was used at the Iconic Live Aid


ES Global Stage was used at Live Aid in 1985

The sort of places you would see ES Global operating would be at the London 2012 Olympics, where they built the water polo venue and the shooting venue. ( The slightly ageing video shows the work they did at the melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006) On the other hand if you were to go to a stadium concert watching he likes of Madonna, the Rolling Stones or Bon Jovi; the chances are it will be on an ES Global touring stage.

Here is their Company Page

A company page is an unbelievably good tool for any business who can spare the time to make it work for them. A company like ES Global with a worldwide footprint receives a lot of benefits when it comes to foreign clients looking to act in due diligence. Your company page and personal profiles simply make their lives easier & you can bet your bottom dollar they will like you for that!

So here’s a few things that have got my goat!

Crashed Showcase page loads
Clunky posting options all round
Frustrating web link loading
Web links that leave a blank image
The Problems that need Solutions

With ES Global, I needed to load up five Product Showcases. After the first two were created, LinkedIn came up with a message that we could not upload further. Options were waiting, or contact customer services (redirect to a help landing page to create a ticket. … yawn). After 20 minutes my colleague tried on another admin, and we got another two more loaded before the same message came up.

Eventually using three admins we got the showcases done. It would be handy to know why this happened and even better if it did not happen at all.

Next comes to Posting on showcase pages, company pages or for that matter profiles.

There are no useful features like automatic posting schedules (Check out facebook pages) that allow you to stack up a few related pieces of content to auto post over a few days, weeks or months. If you are posting to a Showcase page, I believe you would most likely want that content on my main company page. There is no way to do that without a manual duplication of the content as far as I can see. Tell me if Im wrong here!

Web link loading. In your personal profiles you get the chance to add some rich media by inserting web links to your summary, education and experience sections. More commonly than not I get this message..


LinkedIn Error message when inseting a Weblink

“Sorry there is a problem processing your request. Please try again”

and again…

and again. (you get the point!)

Goodness knows why this happens on multiple occasions. After a few goes it works through the system. It is still very clunky compared to other sites of similar ilk. You will find the same awkwardness in loading images into your company page territory you will obviously be pleased to hear. (which is the number 5 gripe, by the way, if your counting!)

Finally, there is nothing worse than putting a web link into a summary or experience section only to find that the system can’t pick an image from the site and decides to leave a big blank space. Now I appreciate that this may well be down to the website and not down to LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn does not give the option to upload your own custom image is beyond me?


Big Blanks instead of images

Any thoughts or other areas of improvement would be great to hear about & if LinkedIn has anything to add; it would be great to hear from them too!!

From my end, it’s rant over.

Please feel free to let me know your issues and lets see if we can drive some welcome improvements moving forward!

Thank you, that is all!

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9 ways that a LinkedIn Company Page can directly benefit your Business

9 ways that a LinkedIn Company Page can directly benefit your Business


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  • Create a clear and distinct message for your companies strengths and capabilities
  • Communicate directly with foreign clients 24 hours a day
  • Improve the ranking of your corporate site with Google and other search engines as a direct result of having a LinkedIn page
  • Have the opportunity to communicate with 238 million like minded business people and well over 2 million businesses
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LinkedIn is a global business directory that has immense power. In promoting your business it is always the case that the more you put into your marketing effort, the more you  get out. The problem is finding the time to research the material, create a high quality page and then to go on an curate great content that your community will engage with and appreciate.



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