Paul McVeigh talks to BizNetworkGuy

Paul McVeigh talks to BizNetworkGuy


The Smart Man’s Footballer

Let’s be honest here. I have interviewed a hero of mine who happened to have a long and fine career at Carrow Road the theatre that hosts my football team, Norwich City Football club


In some ways what is more interesting is what Paul has gone on to do since leaving the game. If I have this right Paul does the following..

1. Media training

2. Thinkpro – Sports Psychology company that mentally prepares athletes for the highest level of sport

3. BBCRadio Norfolk Presenter of Butler & McVeigh. Co commentator with Chris Goreham


Bulter & McVeigh - with Grant Holt

4. BBC 5 Live National radio

5. Talk Sport National Radio presenter

6. Author of “The Stupid Footballer is Dead

7. keynote Speaking



A nice Breakfast with Paul in Norwich

How he has the time to do this is a question in itself! Paul spends his time between Norwich and London to meet all his commitments and we are currently working up some ideas for working in the Middle East.

From his earliest stages of his career Paul was taking action to improve his personal development. A competitive person who by his own admission was not considered the ideal build or height for a footballer. He took on the advice of Tony Robbins and others to make himself mentally as strong a possible. It worked and he went on to play for 16 years in an incredibly competitive sporting environment.


Paul and Chris Gorreham commenting on premier league football

One of the less clever moves Paul made this year was to make a bet with Grant Holt about his Twitter followers. A bet that went spectacularly wrong for Paul and ended up with Paul doing 3 minutes in the Ring with a pro boxer… One to enjoy for everyone else though and all for BBC Children in Need.


He is a seriously good listen and I hope you enjoy the interview


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