Aviva Brand management and much more.. The Podcast!

Aviva Brand management and much more.. The Podcast!


Hi Folks

Here we go again with Podcast Episode 4. 


Stuart.. Not quite Eva, but a great bloke!

Stuart Bartam is a good chum. We live in the same area and have known each other for some time. Stuart cut his teeth as a journalist and then moved on to work with one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. The mighty Norwich Union, or as it is now known Aviva

Stuart worked as global brand manager for digital platforms during the identity change that Aviva went through. He shares some great detail of this time and goes on to talk about our current times and things that are to come. It is a good listen I hope you enjoy it!

Stuart is a big fan of Trevor Beattie. Trevor is a very well know advertiser (including the “Hello boys wonder Bra ad… Never to be forgotten!) advocates he has never had a big idea, but lots and lots of little ideas.



It took him 2 years to weigh up twitter and has now launched in as a powerful advocate of the platform. From TV to Twitter and worth a followYou can find Trevor Beattie on Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed it.. Catch you next week.. Coming soon Brad burton from 4Networking. Should be a good one


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