Adam Parr and the Art of War

Adam Parr and the Art of War

Five years in Formula One


Adam Parr is a wholly remarkable man.

He was brought up and educated in England.

Adam travelled around the world, including several months in Japan followed by a period working for Barclays covering iron and steel and other heavy industrial sectors as an equities analyst.

He then went on to the mining giant Rio Tinto where he spent four years in the UK and South Africa. After this Adam decided  to study law and then spent time as a barrister before being invited back to Rio Tinto.

While in Australia on the second stint with Rio Tinto he was introduced to Frank Williams 

In 2006, Frank called  and It turned out he was looking for a chief executive. The rest of that story is in the book…



Adam Parr @ Williams F1

Since stepping down from Williams in March 2012, Adam has spent time between England and the Loire Valley

And he now talking to BizNetworkGuy

The Art of War – Five years in Formula 1

The Art of war is Adams new book that tells the story of his time in F1. It is a story told by illustration and is a fascinating read. You can as ever get it on Amazon and other stores



The Art of War




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