LinkedIn App gets a fresh new look and features

LinkedIn app Update july 2014 and Connected App -

      Those of you who have it might have noticed an update on the LinkedIn app for mobile. Here is a review of some of the new features and highlights of this latest release. Given that the project code of “Blue steel,” the idea was born of a simple concept to make LinkedIn [...]

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One day is never the same as the next

Audi at Spa Circuit

  Every now and again you get to do something completely out of the ordinary.. And so to today. I sit here with my macbook air overlooking the spa Francorchamps Circuit (about 40km south east of Liege in Belgium) from the Team Black Falcon Hospitality structure. Good coffee in hand, waiting for some Friends and [...]

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Two new shiny things are starting to roll off the Linkedin production line!

Banner image for john Davy's LinkedIn profile

    Firstly, Linkedin has opened up what used to be called the influencer program. Whilst linked in will always support their star names (Richard Branson and James Caan to name two!), they are opening up to all the option to write long form blog posts within the platform of LinkedIn. As an existent blogger, this [...]

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The Art in creating Authenticity

The Art of Authenticity

  There are people in this world who live & breathe authenticity. They exude it from every pore and attain levels of consistency that others can only dream of. The “why” in someone is the key to their authenticity. This inextricably links to level of trust they receive and how much people will buy into [...]

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The first podcast of 2014 brings Kat Holt to Biznetworkguy

Kat Holt blogs on middle England beauty bum!

It has been a while since I last published a blog post. An even greater amount of time since the last proper Podcast. Well we’re back, and Kat Holt is someone I have been trying to talk to for over a year. Kat Holt is big into digital marketing both at home and at work. She [...]

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The blinding light of problem solving

Seeing a blinding Light -Problem solving at its best

  The e-mail arrived yesterday alerting me to the fact that my time had come. So here is the first long form blog post that will appear on LinkedIn before it hits my blog. See it here This is big news for business and you should pay attention. Any where that you can repost your [...]

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