The blinding light of problem solving

The blinding light of problem solving


The e-mail arrived yesterday alerting me to the fact that my time had come. So here is the first long form blog post that will appear on LinkedIn before it hits my blog.

See it here

This is big news for business and you should pay attention. Any where that you can repost your content to be seen by others has a value. In addition its free so why wouldn’t you?

At the time of writing and having published 10 minutes ago I can see that 15 people have read it. Probably more than might read this blog post in a day… There are ofcourse 300 Million people on LinkedIn!

So, for me this is a little moment in time I will enjoy ahead of most others.

For the likes of Richard Branson, James Caan and Bill Gates the influencer program has been open for a couple of years. For mere mortal’s such as myself LinkedIn announced about six weeks ago that the platform was opening up to all and to apply for early entry all I had to do was click the button, which I did.

Low and behold, the result.

The blinding light.

The Journey of the entrepreneur..

Making a pivot in your career by electing to work for yourself rather than others is a big move for most, a move that many never choose to make. All the same, decisions do get made and in my case that was to move from the global sporting event environment and into the world of online business and that thing we call the Internet.

Once a decision is made it makes sense to turn to a knowledgeable friend for advice. Someone who had been through a similar experience and was making some good headway. That someone was Jennifer Sheahan who runs a business called Facebook ads Lab or FBadsLab 


Jennifer Sheahan FBadsLab & the Templestowe Bar Chicago

The insight given was more than useful and the answer to the question,” Can a sustainable business be built in six months?” got an affirmative answer from someone who knew what she was doing.

Then comes the work. The work to find out where you are, what your target market is and what niche you are going to fulfil within that market

It is a good idea within any business to let those who can do the work have the freedom to do it, while you get on with building a business.

Some time later comes the blinding flash about what really makes a business.

In my case a lengthy sojourn into Internet publishing via a number of platforms, producing magazines for the iPad and putting out books on Kindle proved entertaining and educational, if not highly profitable

Most of us enjoy Art in one form or another. We have the greatest respect for artists, musicians and those who create art of any kind. They work without expectation (on the whole) and rely entirely on people liking what they do and then choosing to buy their Art. You have to be very special to succeed.


Seeing a blinding Light -Problem solving at its best

We all like things that make a visible difference and influence your work positively. The work of  Simon Sinek on the power of why is in my opinion one of the most positive influences you can choose to adopt. Simon believes that if you understand the why in a situation then the how and what invariably follow. This how Apple operates and clearly they don’t do too bad a job of it.

What was that Phrase? “ A thousand songs in your pocket”

You instantly know what this thing is going to do for you. It doesn’t matter how it works or what it is.

And so to that blinding flash of light…

The simple understanding that you have to solve a problem.

If you look back to the hard-working artist, it is a matter of choice for anybody whether they buy into the art, or not.

Problems on the other hand, especially within a business, have to be solved in one way or another. If you can provide solutions to problems that are perceived to be relevant, then you have a positive leverage to offer.  You have a value that a business will invest in. The larger the scale of the problem, has a direct bearing on the value of the solution, and it follows that the rewards become higher for solving it.

By way of example, on occasions companies we work with have problems getting Linkedin right, they don’t know too much about Youtube and most of them do social media or digital marketing because everyone else does it. They understand it is important but sometimes they don’t know why? As a result, they have no real strategy to take them forward.

Problem? Sure as heck it is a problem and one that most people will invest in to get it right. It helps that by doing so they will improve their operations and consequently their return on investment.

It’s great to be able to blog on LinkedIn, a platform that solves so many problems for so many people.

Thanks for reading & don’t be a stranger, I’m happy to connect up! Pop your email address in the box top right of this page


Have a great week!

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