LinkedIn UK members passes the 15 million Mark

LinkedIn UK members passes the 15 million Mark



Earlier this week I was pinging around the Internet searching for interesting articles to share. You can’t always be posting on blogs, there are not enough hours in the day.

Sometimes it is easier to go find other content that has common ground with the subjects I work on and so to curate that makes sense. It is very easy (with tools like buffer) to get your info out on social media channels that link to the blog. It’s all good stuff.

So, there I was rifling around within the LinkedIn blog and I came across an article that celebrated linkedIn membership passing the 15 million mark in the UK. To go with the article, they had a really nice “infographic” that highlighted some of the key areas and demographics of how that 15 million was made up.

Check out the link to see what I mean.

The largest group (somewhat surprisingly to me) comes from engineering professionals, with over 374,000 engineers being active members. (of which 66 are apparently rocket scientists!)

Not surprisingly the largest areas of membership come from the centres of population. London is streets ahead at 2.3 million members, followed by Birmingham with nearly 300,000 & Manchester nudging just over a quarter million mark.

What was fairly staggering was the growth in UK membership of LinkedIn since as recently as 2010. Only three years ago UK uptake was between 2 to 3,000,000.

In the early part of 2014 that the number slid over the 15,000,000 mark.



LinkedIn notches up 15 million UK Members


If this shows anything at all, it indicates that British business and people with commercial interests are getting behind the platform. In fact looking at it another way, 25% of the UK population are now registered as active users of this business social platform.

A somewhat distant article on this blog described LinkedIn as the global yellow pages on steroids. I’ve no reason to believe any different now.

The more you put in, the more you are going to get out of this.

Employee profiles, Company pages, Showcase pages can all be linked to your own web territory. The combined effects on major search engines using this credible and trusted platform will make a visible difference in online presence & most likely in lead generation.

So, if you fancy being an outlaw in getting ahead of the game, then fill your boots?

If you want some help with that, you know where I am!

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