Tick Tick Tick Boom

Tick Tick Tick Boom


So what is it, that motivates change?

What makes you, or for that matter me tick?

I have previously mentioned a sliding door theory to life. This could also be described as the ability to sense opportunities

Opportunity comes in many forms. It also comes on different levels. When you see an opportunity, it is great. Sometimes in a flash, and some times over a period of time. I will give you an example of both

The brief history of time.

One of the projects I am currently working on, is Geostrut. This door took it’s time to open, over a period of about 18 months. It is equally a good example of how a loose network came together.

My good mate Tom Andrews found Geostrut (ACTR as they were known at the time) early in 2010. As Tom resides in Australia, we tend to Skype a bit. He told me about getting into Geostrut’s new carbon fibre mast technology, that Tom believed would revolutionise telco industry.

At the time, I was pretty full on with a company that was working on the London Olympics and believed I had different fish to fry. Tom persuaded me to meet up with Craig Barker , the CEO of Geostrut a few months later.  We enjoyed a coffee in the Ritz Casino (staff Cafe!)  in London; although I guess it could have been anywhere. There I saw my first piece of Geostrut, and had a perfectly pleasant chat with Craig

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It pretty much all went a way for a while, apart from me and Tom keeping up to date with his progress.

That all changed in September 2011. The work on the Olympics was not working out, and I needed a change. I picked up the phone to Tom and the ball started to roll. As luck had it, the delay meant that things much were better positioned, than they had been the year before.

Talks, chats & meetings went on, until we agreed to work with Geostrut in the UK and other parts of the world. A new course had begun and the story will continue. The Geostrut network is expanding and now includes friends in the Middle East. An acorn is now a sapling and I am excited to see where we can take it in a year or two’s time.

The flash of light route.

At about the same time the Geostrut opportunity started to fire up, I also started working on some ideas for internet marketing. A continuous learning process really, that started with the Challenge and is still going on now ( I Suspect it will never stop). On the way I have encountered some great people like Ed Dale, Jen Sheahan and my greatest help in Dom Goucher.

Part of the process was researching and digging into what I wanted to do. Possibly more importantly who I wanted to be.

During this time I came across a chap named Corbett Barr  (keep finding these great names out there!). On his blog was an embedded video featuring another chap called Gary Veynerchuk. I won’t explain it as you can watch it below. It was the flash that changed the game.

I read his book “Crush it”, and got the idea of personal branding into my head. It is fascinating, you should check it out.

And so on to BizNetWorkGuy.

I tell people when I get the chance, that I have changed the way I live. That change relates to learning in the main. The fact was that I have lived the last 10 years or so, on a basis that I knew enough to get by.

I understand with the same clarity you get by looking at stars in the outback; that my theory was completely wrong. Consequently, I have been sucking it in like there is no tomorrow ever since. I read, I listen, and I research like crazy

The great thing is, I wake up in the morning with a big smile on my face. I might do 14 hour day here and there, but do you know what ? I love what I do. I love writing this blog, I love helping others on line. I love developing the other business interests I have. In just the few minutes it took to watch that video, the game changed. (If you havent watched,  do it now!)

The Moral of the story is:

Do what you want to do.

If you don’t enjoy what you are currently doing; then stop doing it!!!

That in a nutshell, is what makes me “tick tick boom!”

Have a great Easter.. JD

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