REVEALED- The Secrets of the successful Business

REVEALED- The Secrets of the successful Business

Solve a problem or follow your Blazing Passion with no Guarantees

If you think about there are many people on LinkedIn, who follow each course. I have tried both routes in the last three years. I have read many books, some by Seth Godin, and I am drawn to his focus on the art in what we do and the ability for us to all be artists in our work.

In the truest sense of the word artists (whether they paint, play music, act or write!) do what they do because of a deep love of their art. A very personal passion in its purest form that is created at source with a singularity of the individual on most occasions.

Singer/ Song Writer Paul Millns

Sometimes that art remains within the notebook or even in the artist’s mind and never sees the light of day.Sometimes it goes further and is circulated amongst friends. The next group makes a huge effort to get widely known, and a very few of them go on to be JK Rowling, U2, Van Gogh or the William Wordsworth’s of this world.

There are many levels in-between of course, but the point is with an artist of any kind is that they create their art with no guarantee that anyone will like it let alone buy it. This is why in my book you have to have the ultimate respect for anyone in this world. Their primary driver is love for what they do, and everything else is up in the lap of the gods.

We all know a number of people that live their lives in this way. My great friend Paul Millns is an incredible musician of great talent. Most people that have managed to connect with his music have found it to be a moving and uplifting experience. His music touches people and his voice resonates his words in a true to life way with honesty and passion.

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Singer song writer- Paul Millns –

Paul has been in the music business for the best part of 50 years. He was part of the 60s explosion in blues music playing with the likes of Eric Burden, Alexis Corner and Peter Thorup. (You remember CCS – a whole lot of love – Top of the pops theme tune… Yes those guys!)

Have a listen here..

Paul has had some success in Germany, but should have had way more than he has and that is the luck of the draw.

The point is I guess that there is no imperative for a person to buy a piece of art. We buy it because we like it and if people buy it people pick on that it gets promoted, and more people buy it. Let’s face it 90% of people who follow this way of life are not in it for a financial return

So what is it that makes the difference? What is it that does make it imperative for someone to buy into you and the services you can provide?

In my view, the measure of your business success will entirely depend on you ability to solve a problem for others. The bigger a problem is perceived to be the more they are likely to pay to get things resolved. Solving problems has a clear purpose and is easy for a customer to understand.

If you can influence A & B to get to C when your client either does not have the time or the knowledge to do so. You have something special.

Then the chances are they are going to love you and top of that pay a fee for the service you can provide..

If you are thinking of starting your own business, It pays to look for problems and work out how to fix them. It will be the secret of your long term success.

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