The first podcast of 2014 brings Kat Holt to Biznetworkguy

The first podcast of 2014 brings Kat Holt to Biznetworkguy

It has been a while since I last published a blog post. An even greater amount of time since the last proper Podcast.

Well we’re back, and Kat Holt is someone I have been trying to talk to for over a year.

Kat Holt is big into digital marketing both at home and at work. She runs the Middle England Beauty Bum blog. Her insights are well worth a listen on a number of levels.  As well as being a Mum, Kat is Head of Marketing/ Comms & Digital for The Huntercombe Group,   a large healthcare company.



Kat Holt blogs on middle England beauty bum!


Our conversation covers a number of subjects and, as commonly happens, we delve into areas that were not entirely expected at the start of our conversation.

Kat is based in the Midlands. She has clearly worked hard to extend her knowledge of digital media and how to best market the companies she represents. Her insight is valuable and interesting. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Kat can be found via the following channels

Middle England Beauty Bum

& On YouTube Channel

or on LinkedIn

Next up is a bit of a doozy! Chris Brogan did an interview with me some time ago and I will be publishing that podcast soon.

Walking with Gary Vaynerchuk – the Podcast interview

Walking with Gary Vaynerchuk – the Podcast interview

Gary Vaynerchuk was a fundamental motivator for me to work on line. His influence for me over the last couple of years has led to my new found internet home of LinkedIn.

The headline news from our chat was that Gary Vaynerchuk will be speaking in London before the end of this year. Keep in touch for details

Infact you can get a link here! for Gary’s book signing event in London December 12 2013

For those that know (and those that don’t!) two years ago I was swinging around in the dark. I have just left my proper job and departed from one home, relocating back to my real home in Norfolk. A few months earlier I had decided that it was time to make a change and this was the beginning of my online journey

The very first person I spoke to was Jennifer Sheahan, a trusted friend and confidant who told me about her experiences she had gone through and the possibilities of earning a living from working on the Internet. It is always great to have someone you can trust and really believe in when making is conscious and important decisions.

This led me to taking on the challenge with Ed Dale and fairly soon after that I picked up a book by a guy called Mike Stelzner.

Mike Stelzner’s book is called “Launch” and it was a fantastic read. The book is packed tips and tools. It create as path to organically growing and strong and ethical business with full attention to the power of the internet.

“Launch” supported some of the ideas (and added to) I had and gave me some insight as to how I might achieve them.

Very soon after that I was surfing on the Internet and came across completely by chance a chap called Corbett Barr it was an interview on a blog post, part of which was an embedded video with a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk doing the keynote speech at a conference call web 2.0.

podcast business networking

Gary Veynerchuk

Watching the 20 minute video was a real eye opener and within a few days I had purchased Gary’s book of the time which was called “Crush It”.

This book was equally enlightening as Mike Stelzner’s book “Launch” and it set the mould for me on just how I was going to make the internet work for me.

Consequently some two years later, to get the opportunity to speak to; and interview Gary Veynerchuk is a big moment. it is somethingI’ve hoped to do the more or less since I first saw that video way back in 2011 and now the opportunity has come to pass.

I hope you enjoy the content. At the time of writing I have no idea what is going to transpire. What I do know is it won’t be boring and will be well worth your time.

I don’t often ask, but on this one I would like your feedback on this podcast.

Please do drop us a line in the comments or mail me on

Of course you can stick your oar in on twitter or Facebook if you prefer.. Be great to hear from you.

The Joselin Mane Podcast – Getting with the Twitter vibe

The Joselin Mane Podcast – Getting with the Twitter vibe


Is twitter a mystery to you? It has been to me in the past, but I find I am using it more and more these days.

I hooked up with Joselin Maine who originates from the Dominican Republic and now lives in Boston, USA. He is the founder of Boston Tweetup and has some great things to say about the very powerful twitter platform.

Did I find him, or did he find me?

Either way, a few months ago I hooked up on Skype with Joselin Mane. I was just finishing the masterpiece that is “Would your boss punch you in the face and then laugh when you bleed” . At the time Joselin’s  words of support were kind, to the point and useful to listen to.

Joselin (pronounced Hosalene, by the way.) is one of those chaps that you keep in loose touch with. Not least because he lives in Boston USA and I live in the metropolis known as South Norfolk in England. He is a great listener and has knowledge that he is happy to share with others. What more could any person ask for?


How we met up

It is bizarrely the case that the Brit met the Yank (who actually comes from the Dominican Republic) as a result of a podcast done by an English bloke living Southern Spain and an Aussie who lives in Melbourne! A good example of the small and connected world we all live in these days!



Preneaurcast Podcast hosts Pete Williams and Dom Goucher


If you have not heard it, Preneurcast is produced by Dom Goucher and Pete Williams. It is a good listen if you are keen to pick up some useful business tips. Joselin did just that and heard a podcast I took part in being interviewed by Dom ( you can hear it by clicking the preneurcast link above).



Joselin is pretty clued up when it comes to Twitter and is the co founder of Boston Tweetup in the States.

I have to confess Twitter (check my profile!) is one platform that I did not always get the full monty on.

Therefore it made pretty good sense to talk to someone who knows just about every nook and cranny of this very powerful platform.



The Twitter guy in Boston USA- Joselin Mane

Enjoy the Podcast & have a great week!


Dyslexia is no barrier to working with Cate Blanchett

Dyslexia is no barrier to working with Cate Blanchett


A Chance Meeting on the Filmset of Elizabeth

A Podcast with Graham Fordham

I believe our podcast is one of the best I have done. Please take the time to listen in, and do let me know what you think. I hope you find it inspiring.

And so it came to be.

In 1998 I ran into a someone who was going to end up a great friend. Through thick and thin and lasting now over 20 years, Graham Fordham is a film industry veteran who has worked on some of the biggest movie productions during that time.

He also happens to be dyslexic. A big impact on anybodies life, and I now know that Graham has struggled to deal with it over the years. We met for the first time at Shepperton Studios on the set of Elizabeth.

Or at least in the bar.



The film adaption of Elizabeth produced in 1998, starring Cate Blanchett

Charitable Intent

Graham is confident, a great talker (as you will now know!) and someone who has achieved a lot in his time. He is now going to set up a charity that supports and highlights the good (& bad) about Dyslexia. Adopting and promoting technology aids that are developing fast, as we are all aware. The aim will also focus on helping out young and old to understand, adapt, improvise and improve life’s quality along the way.



Graham Fordham on the far left. Me in the baseball cap.. Funny old day!


People that  lived with Dyslexia include Einstein & Churchill. Part of the reason that I started this post was watching a BBC documentary on Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart can drive and shoot like a champion.

He just cant read a book.

Two nights ago I watched a TV show that paid homage to the career of the Formula 1 driver, Jackie Stewart Interviewed by TV Chef James Martin, it soon became clear that both of them are dyslexic. Something I was previously unaware of.

What was really interesting was the fact that both had some what obviously struggled at school, before finding other outlets for their undoubted underlying raw talent.

This video is part of the program.. (As a note it is blank for the first minute.. starts around 1m 13 secs)



Watching this reminded my about Graham and his cause. I hope that you find this as interesting as I have and we will keep you in touch with our progress moving forward..

Some further research revealed to me there is an overlap between Dyslexia and other developmental problems such as dyspraxia.

Dyspraxia and Dyslexia overlap and often co-exist in the same person. Dyspraxia is an impairment of the organisation of movement that is often accompanied by problems with language, perception and thought. Dyslexia is primarily a difficulty with learning to read, write and spell and is often accompanied by other other problems such as poor organisational skills.

Will keep you in touch!

Have a great week all!



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Joanne Moore Talks to Biznetwork Guy

Joanne Moore Talks to Biznetwork Guy

Joanne Moore is young. She is also an established Entrepreneur .

We ran into each other a a breakfast meeting a few months ago and Jo came over as an interesting individual, as she had recently finished school and rather than head off to Uni decided to set up a property investment business.



Jo speaking @ Speaking at FPIN Nov 2012


With the help of some Mentors and a supportive Dad, Jo has gone from strength to strength with her business aims. She suggests that as University might have cost her £60,000 over a couple of years, she decided she would rather invest in a property or two and turn a profit. Her approach is to work hard at Networking events to meet clients.

On the other side she works with Estate agents to gain intelligence on the gems in the market. Jo aims to help people who need to sell (Motivated sellers) and then matches them up to the buyers that need to find the same property. Getting people to part with money is always a challenge. Being 17 years old made that more of a challenge. An air of confidence in the way Jo approaches her business has led to people believing in her expertise and overcome what some would consider a fair challenge.


Jo and Joey Martin

You can find Jo on her web site Property for Profit –, and you can contact her via the site or on her email Joanne Moore:  

Adam Parr and the Art of War

Adam Parr and the Art of War

Five years in Formula One


Adam Parr is a wholly remarkable man.

He was brought up and educated in England.

Adam travelled around the world, including several months in Japan followed by a period working for Barclays covering iron and steel and other heavy industrial sectors as an equities analyst.

He then went on to the mining giant Rio Tinto where he spent four years in the UK and South Africa. After this Adam decided  to study law and then spent time as a barrister before being invited back to Rio Tinto.

While in Australia on the second stint with Rio Tinto he was introduced to Frank Williams 

In 2006, Frank called  and It turned out he was looking for a chief executive. The rest of that story is in the book…



Adam Parr @ Williams F1

Since stepping down from Williams in March 2012, Adam has spent time between England and the Loire Valley

And he now talking to BizNetworkGuy

The Art of War – Five years in Formula 1

The Art of war is Adams new book that tells the story of his time in F1. It is a story told by illustration and is a fascinating read. You can as ever get it on Amazon and other stores



The Art of War




Pete Williams Talks talks to BizNetworkGuy

Pete Williams Talks talks to BizNetworkGuy

“The Preneur”

Before being honoured “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications all over the continent, Pete was just 21 years old when he sold  a stadium… The Melbourne Cricket Ground For Under $500 as the book is titled.

Pete and Dom Goucher are the creators of the wildly popular business podcast Preneurcast, on which I had the honour of appearing on some time ago

Pete was the  Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, the Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year and a member of Smart Companies: Top 30 Under 30.



Pete Williams

When Pete isn’t pushing the limits as a thriving entrepreneur, he likes walks on the beach, avoids getting caught in the rain and passes on the Pina Coladas. He’s an avid outdoor adventurer and loves rock climbing and running. Some of his favorite things include Montepulciano Abruzzo red wine and anything made by Apple and Nike.

He has recently been working with Rich schefren in the USA on Profit Hacks and is a big player with the Ed Dale Internet maketing Crew. Petes systems for Profit Hacks and the seven leverages of Business are used by business people all over the world.




Pete is the master at making what for most would take all day into just minutes of his day. It is well worth watching….

The Podcast Preneurcast is a weekly show that usually takes the format of Dom and Pete having a chat about current issues in business and the tools available to make you more efficient. It is pretty light hearted and a fun to listen to show.

Have a great week.

Paul McVeigh talks to BizNetworkGuy

Paul McVeigh talks to BizNetworkGuy


The Smart Man’s Footballer

Let’s be honest here. I have interviewed a hero of mine who happened to have a long and fine career at Carrow Road the theatre that hosts my football team, Norwich City Football club


In some ways what is more interesting is what Paul has gone on to do since leaving the game. If I have this right Paul does the following..

1. Media training

2. Thinkpro – Sports Psychology company that mentally prepares athletes for the highest level of sport

3. BBCRadio Norfolk Presenter of Butler & McVeigh. Co commentator with Chris Goreham


Bulter & McVeigh - with Grant Holt

4. BBC 5 Live National radio

5. Talk Sport National Radio presenter

6. Author of “The Stupid Footballer is Dead

7. keynote Speaking



A nice Breakfast with Paul in Norwich

How he has the time to do this is a question in itself! Paul spends his time between Norwich and London to meet all his commitments and we are currently working up some ideas for working in the Middle East.

From his earliest stages of his career Paul was taking action to improve his personal development. A competitive person who by his own admission was not considered the ideal build or height for a footballer. He took on the advice of Tony Robbins and others to make himself mentally as strong a possible. It worked and he went on to play for 16 years in an incredibly competitive sporting environment.


Paul and Chris Gorreham commenting on premier league football

One of the less clever moves Paul made this year was to make a bet with Grant Holt about his Twitter followers. A bet that went spectacularly wrong for Paul and ended up with Paul doing 3 minutes in the Ring with a pro boxer… One to enjoy for everyone else though and all for BBC Children in Need.


He is a seriously good listen and I hope you enjoy the interview


Dom Goucher – The Internet Guy behind BizNetworkGuy

Dom Goucher – The Internet Guy behind BizNetworkGuy


This week’s podcast is a chat with Dom Goucher.

I have particularly been looking forward to this one.  Dom Goucher is a long time mentor of mine and has been behind BizNetworkGuy from the very start. English in nationality, Dom lives in Spain and is part of the team that creates the Preneurcast weekly podcast in company with Pete Williams.

I first ran into Dom on the recommendation of Jen Sheahan. Jen is a great friend of my family. We fairly regularly visit Australia and invariably stay with the the Sheahan family in Melbourne.


The very nice and very talented Jennifer Sheahan!

On my last visit some 3 years ago, Jen was just getting into the internet and working on some pay per click opportunities. In a very short period of time, Jen has become one of the worlds leading authorities on Facebook marketing techniques. Her company FBAdsLab is very fast growing organisation that represents some of the highest profile people around on Facebook. If you want to work on Facebook, then I would highly recommend you getting in touch.

Through Jen, I was introduced to “The Challenge” and therefore the legend that is Ed Dale. I would describe the Challenge as a method of learning to drive on the internet. If you have the time and the motivation, Ed and his team will get you on the road in around 14 weeks.


Ed Dale - The Challenge

Coming back to Pete and Dom, they run a podcast over at PreneurMedia.TV, which is a great site for getting solid tips and advice on how to improve your business. Over the last 6 months, I have downloaded a number of their weekly broadcasts to listen to on the iPad or iPhone. This is a great way to spend a train journey.


Pete Williams and Dom present "Preneurcast"

Dom and Pete are just in the middle of a massive product launch with Rich Schefren @ Strategic Profits inc in the States. They are moving in very high circles and  BizNetworkguy wishes them all the very best in the coming months.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and I will be uploading a few videos in the coming weeks if you want to follow me around the Olympic build up that will soon be upon us!


The visible face of BizNetworkGuy


Find out more about Dom (and Pete) here:

PreneurMedia.TV – Pete and Dom’s Podcasts – Pete and Dom’s business success training course – Pete’s personal site

The Storm in a tea “Copa”

The Storm in a tea “Copa”


This week’s podcast is a chat with Paco Alonso


Paco Alonso (Right) and Fernando Brun enjoy a drink. They do that very well!


You might have read the remarkable story I posted about Paco, a week of so ago. It was about the Coldplay –> Copa del Rey story seamless transition in Madrid. It told the story of how Paco’s team protected the pitch of the Vicente Calderon stadium, before some how managing to clear and prepare the pitch in time for the Spanish Cup Final.

All within 36 Hours!!!


The Vincente Calderon stadium some where between Coldplay and the Copa del Rey

I had a chat with Paco after the event as we were connected in this industry some years ago. I thought it was fun and a great story and so put fingers to keypad. A day or two later it posted on BizNetworkGuy and I sent a link to Paco.. He dropped me a line back to say thanks and tweeted it out to a few mates..


We don’t know quite what happened, but it certainly got a bit viral some how, and Paco’s company started taking calls and emails from all over the world. BizNetworkguy got some nice spikes, so we were both happy for sure.

Nothing like grabbing the reins of a bucking bronco and heading off into the wide blue yonder.  So, I called Paco and asked him if he wanted to get on the Podcast band wagon and here we are.

Paco I have known for many years and he is a great friend. We talk a little of our history and what he is up to in Spain. We then get into the nitty gritty of how they pulled of the recent Gig and then talk in general about what it takes to put on a stadium gig for a band like Coldplay.


Building a stage for U2 Vertigo

For those of you that are used to paying a lot of euros or pounds to go to these events, you can get an idea of the scale of build that is needed to stage a show of this size. Hope you enjoy it..

I could not find a copy of the 2005 tour but this Video from the U2 tour of last year gives a great idea of what it takes to put on a show.

By the way Paco has kindly invited me over to Spain, so I might become a travel blogger soon!