LinkedIn influencer programme opening up to the world

LinkedIn influencer programme opening up to the world



In the last couple of days LinkedIn has made a move that opens up the influencer programme. Since 2012,, a closed group of influencers such as Richard Branson and Gary Vaynerchuk have been able to write long form articles or blog posts on the platform. In the last week, LinkedIn have allowed a further 25,000 people into the fold, firing the starting gun for those who are looking to increase their brand awareness and attract followers.



Linkedin Influencer - Gary Vaynerchuk


I am certainly planning to test it out and will keep you up to date with how effective it is

LinkedIns Ryan Roslansky wrote the following in the LinkedIn Blog

Starting today, LinkedIn is opening up our publishing platform to our members, giving them a powerful new way to build their professional brand. When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, is shared with their trusted network and has the ability to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled. Now members have the ability to follow other members that are not in their network and build their own group of followers. Members can continue to share their expertise by posting photos, images, videos and their original presentations on SlideShare.

For those that are interested in having a go Daniel Roth came up with some great guidelines on things to consider when choosing what to write about

LinkedIn’s help centre offers the following advice

• What concrete advice can you give to someone hoping to enter your field?
• What your industry will (or should) look like in 5, 10, or 15 years and how it will get there.
• What is the biggest problem your industry needs to solve?
• What skill is essential in your job or at your company, and why?
• How has your job, profession or industry changed since you started?
• What else would you do if you started again and why?
• How did you get your start in a certain profession?
• Advice for career advancement in your function.
• Challenges for the future of your function.

I have applied for early access and will let you know how things progress.

Have a great week.

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Tips on How to Create a Successful Company Page on LinkedIn

Tips on How to Create a Successful Company Page on LinkedIn


There is a real power in LinkedIn Company Pages, and they are free for everyone to use.

For a few months now, I have been doing some Business development work for a company called Fluid Design and Construction. The company, run by Dave Coville Wright, focuses on creating fantastic interiors for temporary structures. Fluid work for the likes of DeBoer structures on a high class events and have also worked in extreme environments such as Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan. (Building a hotel)

Dave approached me a while back to help him with his web platforms which we did with both the Fluid site and the new TABS site. More recently we have been focusing on social media and how that can help develop the business. Fluid being very much B2B fits well with LinkedIn.


David Coville Wright on site during the build at Kandahar Air Field

Dave has recently upgraded his profile  last weekend, and with his permission, I set about the company page this week. You can see it here.


Fluid Temporary structure fit-out - Kandahar Hotel build

I have to say at the end of the process, I’m really pleased with what we’ve achieved. It is amazing that you can effectively rebuild the content from your own website within the boundaries of LinkedIn.

This has some significant benefits. Not least the fact that LinkedIn is held in extremely high regard by Google. Any links coming back from LinkedIn to your site become quickly indexed within the search engines. By creating a company page and a product showcase for each product or service, you are enabled to link back to individual pages within your own website.

Everybody should do it.

Almost immediately the difference was tangible within LinkedIn search. Previously I have been frustrated when searching for Fluid using LinkedIn’s own search engine. It simply did not come up in results. Amazingly & with almost immediate effect, references to fluid appeared on the front page (including staff members) the moment we published the optimised Company Page.

I got a big buzz out of this and so decided to make a video which you will see above or on Youtube. It shows three different Company Pages, including Fluids, and compares the difference between making some effort in this area and not. The differences are stunning.

Only by taking advantage of a completely free opportunity, did we get the  quantum improvement in our ranking. Really it was from no where to the front page. I would urge you to consider the same.

If you need any help, then you know where I am.

Have a great week!

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Do you Know Why you do Social Media?

Do you Know Why you do Social Media?



In the last few months,  I have chatted with a number of people on the subject of why they do social media? The answers have been varied, but one stands out.

“Because everyone else is doing it.”

When you analyse the answer, it doesn’t make an awful lot of sense. It is, however, the most common answer to that question. It is an answer that tells me something about that person’s understanding  in general of the platforms they are using. In simple terms, not great.

I was once told a story by a bomb disposal officer about how he went about his job. He said that whenever he went into an area of danger he would adopt the following mantra. As soon as he came up against something that he was unsure of he would ask himself three questions

Why here?

Why now?

Why me?

When he could answer all three of these questions to the affirmative, and only then, would you move ahead.

So what does this mean? It means he had a plan to deal with every eventuality. Most businesses have a plan, a number of goals they are aiming for whether it is short or long term. The point of any social media should be to assist meeting those goals and targets.


Seeing the Light with the way you use Social Media


By understanding the overall strategy, you can reverse engineer your approach to social media. If you can understand what you want to achieve and whom you need to achieve it with, you can then seek out the pool’s those people are drinking from.

If you are a business to business operation, it may be LinkedIn. If you are baking cakes, it may be Pinterest or Facebook. Any of the above may work with twitter or Youtube, but you need to take some time to find out.

The beauty is that most of the systems now have excellent analytics that can be measured and guide you in the right direction.

Once you had decided the best platform to use, the next key area is that of content. The well used phrase, “Content is king”, is a truth you can depend on. The time you have to get someones attention is short, very short. Therefore, your content needs to be entertaining and relevant. It also needs to be consistent and over a long period of time to be effective.

It also pays to listen and look at what others are doing. Your engagement of their content is just as important as producing your own. To listen to, Understand, and if possible solve somebodies problem can have great benefits in return. If you read something good, tell them. A pat on the back is never spurned and generally gets a positive response in return.

So maybe a little less of the me me me, and little more of the open arms and open ears.

You may be surprised at what happens. It’s a wonderful world you know!

Have a great week

New LinkedIn Showcase pages for Dojo Media Consulting.

New LinkedIn Showcase pages for Dojo Media Consulting.


A recently added feature for LinkedIn has been the addition of Showcase Pages.

These pages allow companies and brands to show off their diverse range of products and services. To create a showcase page, you have to have a company page. By selecting edit on your Company page, a drop-down menu appears. From this menu, you can select “create a showcase page”.

It may be as a business you had a number of products or a diverse range of services. The showcase page is your window for showing off the variety within your business.



DoJo Media Consulting LinkedIn Showcase Page


It makes sense to me to have ago and just see how it works. For me, it was a fairly simple Choice to highlight my new business, DoJo Media Consulting.

DoJo is the result of a collaboration with my good friend and mentor, Dom Goucher. Dom has been a Digital Media Consultant for 10 years, providing consulting and training services in Digital Media Production and Marketing to his clients around the world.

As well as his consulting work, he publishes his own Digital Magazine and co-hosts PreneurCast, a popular business and marketing podcast.

Our paths have steadily come together over the last few months, partly because of my interest in li LinkedIn. Things really started to move when I have a meeting with a client who not only wanted to learn more of what lived in could do for him, but volunteered that the Company needed additional help in other areas.

To get some context here, I have been talking to people recently about how new Internet is. In fact in usable form Internet is about 18 years old. The point is that people are still learning about how it works, or relying on others to do so on their behalf. In a short period of time, we have met up with half a dozen companies in this state.

All of them are paying good money to be advised in this important part of their marketing strategies. All of them had some kind of defined problem with their web forms despite the support they were requesting.

Dojo’s real skill comes in highlighting current problems, then providing the correct solution.

When asking the question why does one company or another market on the Internet? The common answer is “because everyone else is”. When you consider the statement it is not a very good answer. Dojo’s methods revolve around working with individual businesses to first audit their current position and to discover the real objectives for that business. From the understanding, we reverse engineer A digital solution to help that company achieve its goals.

Our new LinkedIn showcase page will highlight some of these solutions and share some of the stories we come across. I hope you like it, and if you think it’ll help you, please do pay a visit

Have a great week and Happy Christmas!!

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9 ways that a LinkedIn Company Page can directly benefit your Business

9 ways that a LinkedIn Company Page can directly benefit your Business


Does your business need a boost from LinkedIn?

Are your tired of not getting enough leads from your company web site?

Do you want to find out how a LinkedIn company page can be 277% more effective in lead generation than either Facebook and Twitter -Hubspot



Here are 9 reasons you should build your LinkedIn Company Page now.

  • Expand your marketing reach and appear professionally in front of your client community
  • Connect with top prospects and engage with your current clients
  • Establish Credibility and market leadership
  • Attract great talent to your business
  • Create a clear and distinct message for your companies strengths and capabilities
  • Communicate directly with foreign clients 24 hours a day
  • Improve the ranking of your corporate site with Google and other search engines as a direct result of having a LinkedIn page
  • Have the opportunity to communicate with 238 million like minded business people and well over 2 million businesses
  • Engage and communicate with your community. Answer their problems, complement their successes, then watch your brand and profitability grow.

LinkedIn is a global business directory that has immense power. In promoting your business it is always the case that the more you put into your marketing effort, the more you  get out. The problem is finding the time to research the material, create a high quality page and then to go on an curate great content that your community will engage with and appreciate.



Make your company stand out with an "outstanding" LinkedIn Company Page

IFS Media (through have both the expertise and time to make the very best of your companies presence on LinkedIn. We always challenge the ordinary and have wide based skills in delivering quality content that will make a positive return for you and your business

Call now on +44 203 286 7463

or email

or Skype connect on ID : jeusdeus.

Find out how we can help you to create an optimal company page.  Discover how to build a following that will bring both new leads and new clients to your business, directly from LinkedIn


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LinkedIn Relationships Tab – Review and Tips

LinkedIn Relationships Tab – Review and Tips

LinkedIn relationships is avery simple CRM feature that enables connections, tagging and sort features that used to be reserved for people on a paid account. It is out in the ether,  but not fully rolled out

I have made a short video that reviews LinkedIn relationships, and shows you how some of its features work.

Watch it here!

You can add it to your profile here.  Just click the yellow “Get Started” button.

LinkedIn acquired a CRM called Connected in late 2011 and is now launching it as a limited U.S. rollout called LinkedIn Contacts.

This new feature brings together all your address books, emails and calendars, and keeps them up to date in one place.

One of the things I found particularly useful is the ability to tag and sort your connections

You can simply create Tabs for Customers or prospect clients. You can then group them and send messages to groups or individuals in a group. It is great.


The new LinkedIn Relationsips Tab

Another feature is the ability to link connections with the people who originally introduced you.

Meetings and reminders are available and “contacts” keeps a chronological record of all the messages or IM’s you have send and received from your individual contacts

If you want to keep in touch please sign up to our email list to receive free tips and information…

Have a great week

The Google Hangouts page!

This page will be live with our Google Hangouts.

If you have had a link then your on the right page!


Please press start on the Video below. It should tell you to standby and will automatically link you in once the broadcast starts



We hope you enjoy our broadcasts. 

If you want help with making the best of Linkedin then please do get in touch at 

Sign up for our regular mail updates with Tips and tools to make the best of your time on LinkedIn at the top of the page

You can catch the recordings on my Youtube Channel or visit us on Facebook


Ten Reasons to get around to completing that Linkedin Profile

Ten Reasons to get around to completing that Linkedin Profile


I recently started helping people to make the best of their profiles. Part of the process has been to educate why it is an important thing to consider. Here are a few of the reasons I have been using to convey that message.

  • The site is in simple terms a data base of 238 million business contacts. It is a global business yellow pages with much greater intelligence than would be gained from a phone book listing

238,000,000 business people are users of LinkedIn!

  • LinkedIn is credible and trustworthy in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Activity on LinkedIn can have direct positive and real benefit when linked to your company owned internet property
  • When you create a rich profile and complete all aspects in full, you create an all star banner headline that stands out as an individual or a company page
  • IM- is brilliant! Messaging that can get through to any LinkedIn member (whether you know them or not!)
  • There is a common phrase that “people buy from people they  like”. A bolt on of social media is that “people like the people they think they know”.(Thanks to Chris Brogan for that one!)  Connections and rich profiles for both individuals and companies fuel and assist this process
  • The advanced and save-able search capacities allow users to research clients competitors and suppliers in incredible detail.
  • Company pages – A well developed company page is a great communication tool for any business allowing engagement and connection with a potentially vast audience of both leads and Promoters
  • The LinkedIn Analytics package allows you to measure your progress, monitor growth of follower base and the effectiveness of status posts.
  • LinkedIn promotes and allows both individuals and Companies to freely leverage their impression on the network. The simple truth is the more you put in, the more you will get out
  • One of the ways to add leverage is the creation and development of groups. Groups aimed at solving peoples problems and answering their questions can powerfully add to individual and company aims and ambition

The reasons people do not complete profile are various, but usually revolve around two factors

  • They don’t t have the time to complete the profile
  • They don’t fully understand the added value to them and their business that comes from completing a profile in LinkedIn

We can help you with this. For further details please leave me your email. Top right of this page

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The Big New Shiny Yellow pages

The Big New Shiny Yellow pages


Do you remember years ago when the yellow pages used to come to your town, call your business and ask you to place an advert? I am probably leaving some of our younger friends with a slight sense of confusion here, but  the fact was that pre the mid 90′s the Yellow Pages was just about the only show in town when you were trying to advertise your business.


The Yellow Pages team descend on your town to sell the banner Ad's


So where are they now??

Like many pre internet rocks of society, they are a fraction of what they used to be. There are numerous alternatives now and they cost very little, if anything at all.



Find it fast on Yellow Pages


On that basis.. If  I were to tell you there is a business platform that serves some 238 Million people around the globe, that (if you know how) lets you connect with any single person in the whole network. I am betting you might want to take advantage of such a platform?

They say about themselves:

“The mission is to connect the world’s professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful. To achieve our mission, we make services available through our website, mobile applications, and developer platform, to help you, your connections, and millions of other professionals meet, exchange ideas, learn, make deals, find opportunities or employees, work, and make decisions in a network of trusted relationships and groups.”

If I also told you that unlike yellow pages, with a huge cost for their banner ad’s, that this platform will let you advertise yourself for nothing!

Would you be interested?

Finally, would you be surprised to find that most people when given the opportunity to place the banner ad, choose to take the equivalent of a line entry instead?

Thats Nuts, is it not?

Well, welcome to LinkedIn.

There is a solution you know, and I am going to share with you. I am making a series of short videos in the coming weeks that will show you how to get the banner ad profile and increase your standing in the biggest directory for business on the globe. LinkedIn.

I hear all kinds of reasons why people do not make the best of this free to use company or personal branding space.

  1. Not enough time,
  2. I don’t understand why I need to do it,
  3. I am no good with computers,
  4. LinkedIn is only for for getting a job isn’t it?
  5. I’m not into social media.

There is an answer you know and I am going to share great hints and tips as to how you can make the best of this free to use service. It will allow you to boost your self & your business moving forwards.

I even have a a sure fire answer for those of you who don’t have time, so please take a few minutes to make a big difference in your work and life.

Thanks for Watching


photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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How Linkedin Company Page Analytics can give you a helping hand

How Linkedin Company Page Analytics can give you a helping hand



The new LinkedIn company page analytics pack can give your company page a big helping hand

Now it’s easier than ever for companies, organisations, and institutions to track their company page performance and engage the world’s professionals in rich and meaningful conversations

You can check on all number of things including how your updates perform, trends on key metrics and learn about those who are following you.

Lets take a closer look….

You now have the ability to identify the updates that drive the greatest social actions. The interactions tab measures the number of likes comments and shares of your information.

The engagement tab allows you to discover which updates resonate with your audience. This comes from measuring interactions, followers, clicks and impressions.

Trends can be monitored on a daily or monthly basis. A drop down takes a closer view of the time periods most relevant to you. On top of this you can track your follower growth between acquired and organic whilst attaining key demographic data. This data gives some real detail on seniority in companies, industry sector, region and company size


The guide to why you need a company page - thanks to

You can even compare your company to similar brands and check your progress accordingly

Some tips for improving the visibility of your company page

1. Post at least once a day
2. Add images and video to spice it up
3. Learn fro your followers and keep in touch with them

To make the most of your company pages go and take a look at LinkedIn’s resource & guides to help you make a great page

They have a load of useful videos to watch on youtube.

Make the most of this tool it is very powerful. If you do not have a company page, but would like some advice on how to do it, or you need some advice on profile creation and improvement?

Then please do get in touch. I will be happy to help.