6 Things That Make a Business Go Boom!


business networking

Business overwhelming you? 6 ideas to help you get through – Photo Gary John Norman


The ride of the entrepreneur is often not smooth. Blood, sweat, tears & commitment don’t guarantee the return on investment, especially  if you don’t solve a problem for your client.

The obstacles that arise along the way can sometimes seem overwhelming.

The path to the positive outcome can be a long one and the hard truth is you just have to keep walking. Treating failure as feedback, then kicking on into the next phase undeterred is essential.

When setting up a new enterprise, it is important to get help as you progress. Heres some things I wish I’d had in the tank at the start

1. Find a problem and solve it

There is a deal of respect to be directed at those who choose the course of being writers, musicians, poets, and actors. Anything creative relies on a community having an emotional desire to buy your stuff. So many people want to do this emotionally charged work, and yet, so few people can make it pay.

The point is that there is no imperative for anyone to buy your stuff.

Money isn’t everything, but it does help in giving you a freedom to make the right decisions.

The differentiator between art and business comes primarily in solving problems for others.

Finding a problem that needs your expertise or an input that offers a significant saving of time and cost gives you the arrows in your quiver to pitch to a client with confidence.

The bigger the problem you can solve, the better chance that someone will be willing to pay well for it.

2. Give with no expectation of return.

In the earliest days of my journey, I found Mike Stelzner’s book “Launch” to be an exceptionally useful read

In “Launch” Mike articulates the best ways of engaging with a community. He suggests you look for people’s problems and solve them to the best of your ability.

Offer your best and give 100% for free.

Expect nothing in return.

The key is to develop a following or tribe of people who support your work. In time, when you have developed the highest levels of trust, you can then ask them for something in return. The chances are you will get it because there is trust in your intentions.

Mike now runs the Social Media Examiner web site and runs the conference, Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. The site has over 360k subscribers and the conference sells out every year with nearly 4000 delegates paying around $900 per ticket.

Work it out!

business networking

Seeing the light for you client is having their problems solved

3. A Definition of social Media.

The best description of the difference that social media has made in our networks came from a chap called Chris Brogan

He said, “People buy from people they like.” He added “They like the people they think they know!”

Therein lies the definition of social media.

Some people you know. Some people you know very well. The vast majority of people on your social channels can probably be best described as tenuous acquaintances. The rest are people you probably met once (maybe!) and in reality have little or nothing to do with you.

So What?

It is difficult to be a stranger these days and in commercial terms that’s a great thing. The days of cold calling are over. The ability to connect with people, engage and sell to them has never been more in your hands

4. The 80/20 rule of life.

80% will think about it.  20% will do it. Of that 20%, a very small number will do it well.

For those that act, the world awaits. By doing something that is useful to others and doing it consistently, you win.

Lionel Messi is the best footballer in the world as he is the most consistent in performance.

Most people don’t do it at all, so by just executing on almost any level you are going to be ahead of the competition.

5. Plant the seed

You set the seed and plants begin to grow.

Another book I would highly recommend is The Pumpkin Plan by  Mike Michalowicz.

Competition pumpkins in the US grow as big as your house, but out of the 1000 seeds planted, only three to five make it big, and only one or two become the champions.

The key is to watch those champions grow and then figure out what made it happen. Once understood, you only use champion seeds when you plant the next crop.

An essential part of the process is to weed out the none champions.

In business terms, this means losing the bad paying clients, the pains in the butt, and those people you don’t want to work with, but for some reason think you have to.

You do not! Get rid and see how much better you feel

6. The unnecessary pain of email

Email takes over most people’s worlds to obsessive levels. The distraction caused is one of the greatest diverters of time and energy known to mankind.

Reading Tim Ferris “4-hour work week” helped me to see the light.

His advice is..

Check your mail twice per day at 12 noon and 4pm.

Hey, stop shouting I’m just the messenger.

If you do nothing else, you have got to try this.

It works a treat.


You think you have to drop everything for email, but the truth is you don’t!

If it is important they will call. On most occasions, they don’t.

In the mean time can you begin to imagine what you can get done in 3 hours with no distractions. I’m telling you it’s a lot!

There you have a few ideas that will help you get through your day with less stress and more efficiency.

Do let me know what you think & have a great week



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The Art in creating Authenticity

The Art in creating Authenticity


There are people in this world who live & breathe authenticity.

They exude it from every pore and attain levels of consistency that others can only dream of.

The “why” in someone is the key to their authenticity.

This inextricably links to level of trust they receive and how much people will buy into their goals & ambitions. From a business perspective if you were to compare a person who is following a scripted sales program (driving down a prepared selling pitch) to someone who has passion and belief in what they do, then to me there is no competition in who will turn out to be the winner. The authenticity of a person who “believes” shines through and becomes utterly compelling.

business networking

The Art of Authenticity


How do people come to be Authentic?

They live it, staying true to beliefs and their passions.

This is kind of difficult to achieve if your doing something that you neither believe in or feel passionate about.

I have one piece of advice to give if you are in that circumstances

Stop doing that thing, what ever it is, and focus in on what you really want (no, crave)! to do.

Find that singular compelling passion to believe in full. That idea for which you would gladly spend every moment of the day shouting from the rooftops. The passion that when you fail, fall or come across a setback, you just get up again and keep running through the wall to the other side. The thing that when the whole world is against you, you still know in your heart you are dam well right!

If you find that, you will find authenticity and you will find the “why” in you.

You will understand why you do it and why others love you for doing it.

The chances are you will be successful and on top of that you will definitely be happier.

I make no bones about being a huge fan of Simon Sinek. His book “Start with Why” has been a big influence on my life since I read it back in 2012.

The idea is that the greatest people (& companies) in our world start with “why?” and then move on to the how to do it followed by what to do. Worth a read if you get the time!

Richard Branson, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill Bob Dylan, Steve Jobs and Apple, can’t all be wrong.

Spot the irony, but it is still a great version. Authenticity breeds imitation!

Why not take the time to discover you’re why?

This post was originally published on LinkedIn

Have a great week


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Rivers and Roads, which route do you take?

Rivers and Roads, which route do you take?


A week or two ago I was in Spain. To be totally accurate in Barcelona working with some chums at the Mobile World Congress in a huge exhibition centre called the Gran Fira..

Days were spent working in the halls and evenings in the bar chewing the fat. The team had some good personalities, meaning the conversations were fun and light hearted. It was very much the case that I was the new boy joining an established team and so on more than one occasion I got into the conversation with people on the subject of who I am and what I am about.

To answer the question would have been a bit of a struggle until recently I have to say. To give a clear answer as to how I have got to where I am is not always the easiest thing to explain.

I usually reference the phrase “sliding doors” somewhere in the conversation as a fair number of options have happened rather than been planned.

One evening, I got into this chat with a chap called Ben. Ben is one of those people who always has a smile on his face and would prefer to see the positive side of any situation rather than a dark side.

When I got to the sliding door part of the conversations he just said,

Rivers and Roads….


business networking

Rivers and Roads


Three words that invite you to open your imagination and create a picture of what he was saying.

So many things in this world are channelled and controlled. The road map of living your life. The river just flows where it goes and in time can move and adjust in a truly natural fashion. There is something that seems less stressful about the river approach to this, and I have to say that the words resonated with me.

When writing to or talking with people I believe the best approach by some distance is to be natural in the way you communicate. Getting your point over with imagination and thought is the way to break through the clutter in what is an ever increasingly noisy world.. (especially online)

One of the ways this manifests is in the differing ways people approach social media. Rather than feeling you need to talk about yourselves all the time there is a need to be rather more engaging than that. To talk about others and focus on the interests of others is probably more effective than trying to impose your own interests.

If you were looking for some ideas on the subject of the day; Chipotle do it well

Enjoy the Scarecrow..


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Ten days in Southern Europe in a trade show by the sea

Ten days in Southern Europe in a trade show by the sea



It may be 2 weeks before the a rather large tradeshow takes place, but I’m here all the same

It is the beginning of February 2014 and Fluid Design and Construction has left England en masse to head off to a spot by the sea. They took me too! This annual migration is caused by one huge event that happens in southern Europe. It is one of the biggest trade shows on the globe. If it sounds like I am being some what vague, this is entirely on purpose as it is a little like the Olympics around here, and everyone gets ants in their pants just talking about thing. The PR gestapo comes swooping in..


business networking

It is just how it is


The Exhibition centre is staggering in scale. Covering an area of about 24 Wembley Stadium’s  if you want to think about it in that way, this one show uses the whole site for three days. I thought DSEI at Excel was big, but this really takes the biscuit!

So what are Fluid Design and Construction here to do?


business networking



Within the building I am currently writing this post from, a total of seven temporary structures are in the course of being constructed to house forums, panels and guest keynote speakers. The challenge comes in blocking out the noise between these closely constructed structures, and that’s where thermal and acoustic barrier systems (TABS) come into play.


business networking

sound insulation in the roof of the temporary structure


Big areas  of TABS were installed at the event during 2013. The improvement in sound attenuation was a notable success. So much so that in 2014 quantities of TABS currently being installed has risen in scale by about 40%.

And 21 man team is working on site for the best part of three weeks. The TABS system itself is a really quick install. The main Structure comes in at 30 m wide 80m long. The team installed the roof, walls and linings in around three days.

business networking

Installing TABS in the Roof knocks the sound by over 23DB


All in all, Fluid is installing TABS thermal and acoustic  barriers into seven temporary structures. On top of that there is additional work to complete involving fit out of hospitality and the key areas for VIPs.

This is a great project to be involved in, and we really enjoy the time we spend in the vague region of the south of Europe. With  Fluid coming from Somerset in February 2014, it is also nice to find little sunshine after the rain!




An Afternoon and Evening with Gary Vaynerchuk

An Afternoon and Evening with Gary Vaynerchuk



Jab Jab Jab Right Hook is the brand-new book by Gary Vaynerchuk. The promotional tour had seen Gary speaking in Paris, before coming to London on Thursday 12th December. For me, it was a no-brainer. Someone I had followed, enjoyed and learned from in the last two years was worth a train ticket and the cost of the book.


business networking



The man didn’t disappoint. An hour and a half of meet & greet, book signing and podcast recording made up the first part of the day of the “Vayna100” who coughed up for the extra bonus time. Muggins being one of them

Event organiser Raj Kotecha and his team did a fantastic job on the day, putting together a remarkable and memorable event.


business networking

Social Media DJ Rav Kotecha - Organiser of Vaynerworld London


As it turned out as one of the first people in the room, I noticed Gary to be standing at a table talking to one person. I looked, then smiled and got a warm friendly wink in return.

Thinking I would wait for his conversation to end before approaching and having a chat, I turned away for a couple of seconds. On looking back, it turned out a rather large queue had already formed.

Had the moment gone?

The queue just got bigger. It seemed like there were way more than 100 people in the room. For the time being, I gave up.

As it turned out this ended up wholly to my benefit.

As I stood alone doing what we all do, playing with my iPhone, I was approached by a young lady called Nel who introduced herself as being from Paris and starting a new busy as in UK. She said I looked bored and did I want to chat, and we opened up a fine discussion on where Nell had come from and what she was up to.

During that five minutes, we were joined at the table by Anthony Trollope, of Recoverex, Conrad from Bristol Uni and Danielle Poggio of Aqualibria


business networking

Daniele Poggio Badge- Aqualibira



All of a sudden we were all in the conversation.

Networking at its very best my friends. We all shared common ground in our respect and admiration for the work of Mr “By the chuck”. (My dictation system does not handle Vaynerchuk at all well!) I don’t use the phrase “positive vibe” often, but that was what it was in spades!

It was more fun than just networking, it was a group of people coming together with common interests and friendly intent. I really enjoyed meeting these new people for their enthusiasm and interesting stories. I’m sure those relationships will endure long past the event.

In time, the queue began to diminish. I elected to join on the end and at that point happened across a really interesting chap called Paul Kirtley.

Paul runs Frontier Bush craft a totally real and tangible business that will take you out into the bush and teach you how to light a fire with damp wood in the pouring rain.(We all know that is a very useful trick to be able to pull off.!) Paul really had a (self learned(handle on the point of social media. He is way ahead of the game in his area of interest.

Once again in the spirit of event Paul stayed with me while I queued to get my book signed and kindly took the pictures when I finally got to the man who counts, Mr “very much up” (you know whom I mean!)

The keynote was just about as amazing as I expected.


business networking

Gary Vaynerchuk jab jab jab right hook Vaynerworld


Really cool stuff.

The book sits behind me on the shelf, and I’ll pick it up once this post is concluded. The day will stay with me for a long time, and my respect goes out to the organisers who put on a pumping day.

Just before I arrived at the venue, I went into Starbucks in Islington. I had the time, so got the laptop out and checked through my e-mail. I found one from buffer app and somewhat unusually clicked on the link way down in the mail.

It led me to a really cool photo image storyboard that buffer had put together an away trip to Thailand.

So cool in-fact, that I decided to use exposure to make my own photo journal of the day you can enjoy it here.

Have a great week and Hello to all @ Vaynerworld 2013


Talking For England, The Joys of Public Speaking

Talking For England, The Joys of Public Speaking


Today is Friday, 29 November and it is about 10 o’clock at night. I just got back on the 7 o’clock train from Liverpool Street having spent a day in London.

Today was a day that many people would have greatly feared at the been in my shoes.

Today was the day when I stood in front of a room full of people and spoke to them about LinkedIn.

A room full of strangers with the exception of one person my good friend, Cole Stevens.


business networking

A full House at the Great British Business Show


A few months ago I did a podcast with the broadcaster and ex Norwich City footballer Paul McVeigh. It was a fascinating conversation in which Paul spoke of overcoming the fear of public speaking. So much so that he compered a stage of sports celebrities in front of some 40,000 people in Hyde Park, as part of a London 2012 Fan Park event.

Okay so my little speech in front of the Great British business show in London’s Olympia was nothing when compared to that, but you still can have some levels of anxiety about potentially making a fool of yourself. (In front of ten people, let alone 40,000!)

I guess the truth of it was that I had some decent material that I reckoned interesting to others, and some good anecdotal stories that I hoped would get a chuckle. It was pretty much the way it turned out.


business networking

The Show listing


A couple of things helped. For one, I had done this before and, therefore, had a good idea of what it was like to stand up in front of people and have to spark up. As a follow-on from that, I wasn’t phased or anxious in preparation. The subject is something I like, something I feel strongly about. It’s something I’ve been talking about consistently with other people over the last few months. Really, it was just a matter of pulling the threads together and putting it into a formatted order that made sense when delivered to a group.

The real point of this exercise came at the end of the talk.

It is really gratifying when people come up to chat at the end of the talk and want to engage further. It happened today with a number of people genuinely interested in the information I had shared and wanting to understand more. I handed out a load of cards at the time and will be really pleased if those people take up my offer and give me a call.


business networking

Good things come to those who share


Since working online I have followed the belief that sharing of information freely and openly is the way ahead. Today was one of those days when without expectation or call to do so, people felt strongly enough to give some positive feedback on that free sharing. Whether it leads to some business or not, time will tell. The fact is I know that today had great value and I look forward to doing it again someday soon.

Have a great week!

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Captivated or turned off? How do people see your content?

Captivated or turned off? How do people see your content?


One of the big things you need to understand is that the internet is a changing beast.

I have spent a lot of time raving on that the web is less than 20 years old. At least in a form that is useful to man or beast. In the early days and I am talking the mid late 90’s here, it was a race to get your gold and bold website up and online. They worked very well as they were shiny and new and more to the point they were the only show in town.

As time has progressed, so did the evolution of all things internet. Blogging started and oh how I wish I had started doing this back in 1998, as it would have been a hell of a ride. (Jealous note of someone like Chris Brogan  who was in from the beginning when blogs were called Journals)

From there, we saw the kickoff of social media and one of the earliest starters for this was LinkedIn, along with MySpace. The latter is a great example of the speed of change as it was once a burning light, now it is a flicker of it’s former self.

So we move from social media to mobile devices. In essence, these are the ways that people engage with the internet on the whole. They get their news from twitter, keep up with their friends on Facebook and use the powerful tools in LinkedIn to conduct their business. Whats more is that they do it on Phones and tablets. A big tipping point came last year when more people were using Mobile devices than desktop computers. If you are in a bar of Cafe reading this, just look around you… They are all over the place.

So what are the secrets here?

Keep it short and make it rich in a nutshell.

I would be delighted if any of you who read to this point drop a comment at the bottom. If I were making a video of this post, it would be far more likely to engage with people than my written word. Less effort and time for them to read it. If you have made it this far.. Well Done. The end is in sight!

Who are the real winners?

Those who engage with the people they want to be with. Those who talkabout others rather than themselves, Those that say well done to people who have done something great and finally those that solve the problems of others.

One of the best I have seen recently is Jason Silva. A cracking presenter of science and future ideas and the source of this post. He is unbelievably enigmatic and tells wonderful stories along the way. He solves problems for people by trying to put some sense into the unknown and what is coming around the corner (including Death!)


business networking

Jason Silva - Modern Day Philosopher.


He came up with an interesting phrase

“ The world has changed more in the last 100 years than it has in the previous billion years.”

A big number and a big thought. The question is where will we be in the next hundred years. Actually forget that where will we be in the next 6 months!?? One thing is for sure. If you are still sitting on your five year old web site with no hook into social media, then your business is missing a trick..

Want to find out more? Drop me a line and sign up for our email updates… Top Right if you looking Have a fabulous week!

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How to Write a book – The Easy Way

How to Write a book – The Easy Way

The Tools and tips for writing a book

This morning as I walked my dog I recorded a small audio podcast via a system called Audioboo. AudioBoo allows the recording of a short three-minute piece that can be directly published to the Internet. I tend to upload it to Facebook and Twitter whilst I am walking. You can follow me here!!

Here are todays “Boos”  D Day + One, Part One  and Part Two

The subject of today’s conversation was the fact I am planning a trip to Saudi Arabia in the next couple of days. KSA is not the same as the UK, certainly in the way we socialise in Europe. This means I have to consider other areas to entertain myself while I’m there.

I have just started to put a new book together that supports my LinkedIn strategy. I researched on Amazon, and found that most books were words only and had few images explaining how to get things done. This gave me an idea to do a “look and see” version that lets the reader get a birds eye view on how to make it work.

What tools can make writing a book easier?

I always start with a mind map. I use a system called Mind Node Pro. This allows me to get all your thoughts onto the screen (or onto paper) and it is fair to say that Mind Node pro has changed my life. Anyone can spend hours thinking about things, and then forget most of it in a matter of seconds. By noting it onto Mind Node pro, the record is made for later reference.


business networking

Mind Node Pro


The next stage comes in transferring the information from Mind Node and into an editing piece of software. I use a system called Scrivener that aids authors and writers to create, and then export digital books and publications.

The really cool bit comes with the transfer the information from Mind Node pro into Scrivener. This was a real “light on moment” that came from the 2013 challenge training. (Go to Challenge.co and learn every step, from start to finish that will enable you to publish on kindle. Please note that the challenge shuts in about 30 days, so nip over now.)

Mind Node pro exports an OPL file that can import directly into Scrivener. Once completed the Mind Node modules automatically create titles, categories and sections within Scrivener.

It is amazing– A huge timesaver.

business networking

Scrivener Dashboard or Cork Board

Within scrivener, the creation of detailed content can be added to each section to flesh out the details.

One problem I know I have, (especially when reminded by my father and Rick Barnett) is that I am not the best speller in the world, and my grammar on occasions can be bought into question. This morning another light switched on by a guy called Steve Dotto. Steve runs of video blog called Dotto tech on YouTube and every now and again he comes up with Corker!


Grammarly.com is a website that checks both grammar and spelling on a documents and corrects the content ready for publishing. Simply cut and paste your content into Grammarly, and it will correct all the errors made.

I have used it on this piece, so I guess the final judges will be the readers of this post!

Finally, and possibly the biggest tool of all is how I am creating this document as I literally speak.  I am dictating this page rather than writing it.

In the last week, I have upgraded my Apple system with OSX Mavericks. This in-turn updated my Pages word processor application. My chum Graham Fordham who is dyslexic raves about the virtues of apple in their dictation software. I have not been able to access it before on my iMac, but the OS Mavericks has bought in this feature, and I’m benefiting from it now.

From here it looks brilliant

So, now when writing my books  I can get my initial ideas mapped out before I even start, export that into a chapters and sections, use pages to create a dictated to written word document, I can send the written content into a grammar editor, and finally publish it directly to Kindle .

What difference does this make?


I’m just about finishing up this post and to get to this stage would probably take me 35- 40 minutes if I were writing. By talking instead of writing, this process has taken only 10 minutes to complete.

I rest my case. Have a great week and I will send you a postcard from Riyadh if I get there.

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Walking with Gary Vaynerchuk – the Podcast interview

Walking with Gary Vaynerchuk – the Podcast interview

Gary Vaynerchuk was a fundamental motivator for me to work on line. His influence for me over the last couple of years has led to my new found internet home of LinkedIn.

The headline news from our chat was that Gary Vaynerchuk will be speaking in London before the end of this year. Keep in touch for details

Infact you can get a link here! for Gary’s book signing event in London December 12 2013

For those that know (and those that don’t!) two years ago I was swinging around in the dark. I have just left my proper job and departed from one home, relocating back to my real home in Norfolk. A few months earlier I had decided that it was time to make a change and this was the beginning of my online journey

The very first person I spoke to was Jennifer Sheahan, a trusted friend and confidant who told me about her experiences she had gone through and the possibilities of earning a living from working on the Internet. It is always great to have someone you can trust and really believe in when making is conscious and important decisions.

This led me to taking on the challenge with Ed Dale and fairly soon after that I picked up a book by a guy called Mike Stelzner.

Mike Stelzner’s book is called “Launch” and it was a fantastic read. The book is packed tips and tools. It create as path to organically growing and strong and ethical business with full attention to the power of the internet.

“Launch” supported some of the ideas (and added to) I had and gave me some insight as to how I might achieve them.

Very soon after that I was surfing on the Internet and came across completely by chance a chap called Corbett Barr it was an interview on a blog post, part of which was an embedded video with a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk doing the keynote speech at a conference call web 2.0.

podcast business networking

Gary Veynerchuk

Watching the 20 minute video was a real eye opener and within a few days I had purchased Gary’s book of the time which was called “Crush It”.

This book was equally enlightening as Mike Stelzner’s book “Launch” and it set the mould for me on just how I was going to make the internet work for me.

Consequently some two years later, to get the opportunity to speak to; and interview Gary Veynerchuk is a big moment. it is somethingI’ve hoped to do the more or less since I first saw that video way back in 2011 and now the opportunity has come to pass.

I hope you enjoy the content. At the time of writing I have no idea what is going to transpire. What I do know is it won’t be boring and will be well worth your time.

I don’t often ask, but on this one I would like your feedback on this podcast.

Please do drop us a line in the comments or mail me on john@biznetworkguy.com

Of course you can stick your oar in on twitter or Facebook if you prefer.. Be great to hear from you.

How to get ahead with SuperTed, LinkedIn, Facebook And Much More

How to get ahead with SuperTed, LinkedIn, Facebook And Much More


Do you understand what SuperTed is?

More importantly, do you know what it can do for you??

SuperTed, LinkedIn and Facebook are all the same thing when you examine in detail. I will explain why.

To start let me introduce myself for those of you at SuperTed.

My name is John Davy. I am a firm believer in the power digital platforms have to enhance the reputation and brand of any business. This includes artists. Infact, especially artists and the services that support them. I am expert in creating top ranking Linkedin profiles, a blogger and coach in social media. If you want to understand more about how these powerful tools can help, then please do get in touch.


business networking

John Davy


The way to get ahead is by telling your story and creating interesting content for others to consume and share with their peers. By doing these relatively simple things, you are creating a following and building your tribe. The best guess for most people is that you need 1000 true fans to have a very nice life.

That is 1000 people who want to engage with what you do and buy into what you have to offer on a consistent basis

To achieve this you have to have some where to tell the story in the first place.

As little as 21 years ago this would have been a hell of a lot harder. The internet has been with us for less than a generation, and in that time managed to change all of our worlds beyond recognition. A Brit called Tim Berners Lee kicked it all off in Cern, Switzerland and we have not looked back since.

There was a time when you had to rely on publishers, TV or radio editors to get yourself in the spotlight.


business networking


Those days have gone my friends and there are no end of ways to get your message out there.

For the events and entertainment industry in the UK, I believe that SuperTed is a great option. It is extremely cheap to use and is a tight niche of opportunity for both people who are looking to put an event on, and those who can make it happen.


business networking

The SuperTed Entertainment Directory

With over 60,000 active users and suppliers why wouldn’t you use it?

So what makes the difference between the winners and the losers.

The answer people is simple and it is this!

The benefit of what you get out is entirely in keeping with the effort you put in.

What do I mean by this?

SuperTed is no different to say LinkedIn for example apart from scale. It is like a yellow pages for the event industry.

business networking

The way it used to be - The Yellow Pages


Your entry in yellow pages can be a tiny line entry of a banner headline, what would you rather have if it is virtually free to do?

How else can you get yourself seen?

There are no end of social media opportunities and what ever you think about them billions of people around the world use them on all kinds of devices. My simple message to you is get with the programme

It is simple to do. Start with the first thing that all platforms offer; your profile page.

When you look at it each profile you have is a mini web site for you. If offers you a free spot to lay out what you can do. So why not use it to the max?

And so a simple list of tips to make the most of your profile page.

1. Always add an great picture that reflects you in a positive light. Most people want to see a face. The internet has opened peoples minds to engage with relative strangers. The fact still remains that people buy from people they like. The internet takes that one stage forward in that people like the people they think they know.

2. Fill in all the options available to you with as much detail as is allowed. In linkedIn’s case you get 2000 characters for your summary. Whether LinkedIn or SuperTed this is your elevator pitch. The place where you can explain why you do what you do, along with what you do and how you do it.

What do you know; if you give people the information they might even move on to make a decision in your favour

3. Engage with the community. Once again it does not matter whether it is SuperTed, LinkedIN, Facebook or twitter. You will get noticed by the quality you put into it

So there you go, My first post for SuperTed. If you need help with your profile don’t hang around! Get in touch.

If social media is a mystery to you then I will be happy to help you out. You can get to me via SuperTed, the Biznetworkguy blog or on email at john@biznetworkguy.com

Until next time, Have a great week…


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