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Free Kindle books this weekend!!

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Welcome to Seething

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Free Kindle Books this weekend


These are my Credentials 1

These are my Credentials 1

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These are my Credentials 2

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These are my Credentials 3

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The Therapy of Writing.

The Therapy of Writing.

12:10pm and all is not well


We all have them. Off days when you cant put your finger on it, but things are  just not  happening. You feel completely out of sorts.

Welcome to my day.

I have a wonderful daughter who is very much like her Dad. 10 years old and stubborn as hell. Wonderful in many ways, she is confident and full of life, but when you don’t see eye to eye, it can cause you to stop in your tracks.

The follow on consequence of an interesting evening of debate, seems to be that I have woken with a very unusual cloud over my head. Really not normal for me and rather annoying if I am honest with myself.

Even now, I stop writing and the dullness of mind is reflecting on the page. The  ability to write seems withheld (although some would probably find that fairly normal!)

I am sitting in the Metropolitan Hotel on Park Lane, waiting for an interesting and probably really exciting meeting with some colleagues from home and abroad. Can I get exctied about it….? Not right now, NO!

So What’s to be done?

I reflect back on some of the words Paul Ludford said to me a couple of years ago and  some from Seth Godin. Realising the tricks your head plays on you is an important step to being able to get around it; and  move on.

Paul used the analogy of weather. If you wake up in the morning to find it is a dark squawly day with lateral rain, then you are hardly likely to leap up, grab the lead and plan a great adventure with the dog that morning. It is far more likley to set your mind in a negative mode and potentially impact the rest of your day.

Another Paul (McVeigh) talked to me recently about the 20 things you do in your day, of which, 19 are great and one is negative.

Guess which one your remember??

The best thing about writing is that although this is  short and sweet,  it has made me feel better by  getting it out onto metaphorical paper. I am immensely better off than millions of others as I sit here with my macbook air and lovely silver service coffee!

What on earth do I have to whinge about?


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Just remember every cloud has a silver lining!


A few hours later…Just missed the 4pm train home and have to wait 3 hours for a train. On the bright side there’s always the pub!



photo credit: julian- via photopin cc

“Real Oviedo 1-Tax Man 0″ – as we head into the second half of extra time.

“Real Oviedo 1-Tax Man 0″ – as we head into the second half of extra time.

The Fight for Real Oviedo.

The question is will we need penalties to decide this one?

There are only four days to go until the Spanish Tax storm troopers march on the gates of Oviedo, Asturias. The home of Real Oviedo Football club.

A couple of weeks ago the club were staring down the barrel of a 2 million Euro tax bill, and reflecting on the fact that their share offering to existing owners, could hardly be classified as a raging success (194 individuals responded to raise just under €60,000. )

Since that point they have had a bit of a result in football parlance.

business networking biz network guy

Stan Collymore@ Real Oviedo

The Club opened the gates to all comers and someone started a significant and successful social media campaign. The result is that with four days to go until the deadline, the club has now raised a stunning 1.4 Million Euros in just under a week! They need to get to 1.9 Million Euros.

Ex players such as Juan Mata (Chelsea) and Michu (Swansea) have stuck their hands in their large pockets over in the UK, and the BBC’s Colin Murray is planning to support the club with 19 of his pals committing to go to one match a year. The Clubs Twitter feed shows some 17,ooo followers and suggests that the new share holder number now stands at something over 10,000 people.


As Seth Godin would say this is a real Tribe pulling together. The power in a common purpose can be enormous and amazing things can be achieved. Nobody is making these people (who are already hard up in a double dip recession) put their hands in their pocket, but the fact that the club and it’s supporters have reached out to engage with their local community, and it has paid off; so far.

Not only has it paid off in Asturias, but it has gone national with Real Madrid committing 100,000 Euro’s.

It does not stop there.

Around the world support is welling up with videos from China, media reports from National UK papers and blogs around the world spreading the world

Well, Biznetworkguy is happy to help in that field and at least let a few more people know what is going on. Those of you who know my Blog will know I have a soft spot for Asturias and I think it would be a terrible tragedy for the struggling principality to lose one ray of communal light and enjoyment for the population

business networking biz network guy

Real Oviedo stadium

I will go further than that. Paco can you order me a couple of shares and I will put in my 20 Euros to the cause

Twitter feed from all over the place is here

UK National paper the Independent here

Colin Murray’s article is here

CNN international -

In conclusion I would urge the Spanish Tax authorities to take a long hard look at what is going on here. There is a big vote for this around the world and they have an opportunity to share in something Positively Social!

Have a great week and “COME ON THE OVIEDO!”

The Norwich City Top Striker List

The Norwich City Top Striker List



Who do you think is the top NCFC Striker of all time??

A little fun here ahead of  tonight, when we play Tottenham in the Capital one Cup!


If you think I have missed some one then please let me know!


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On the ball City!


A Tale of two Countries

A Tale of two Countries


From the Bright side of the Street.

I want to go back to Spain.

Not literally, but rather to talk about a positive thing that is happening as I write this post. Spain is a country that we all know is facing some tough times.  His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias (Pretty much same as the Prince of Wales over here) is making a speech for the closing Ceremony of the “Prince of Asturias Award Ceremony” in Oviedo, Spain


john davy biz network guy

The Prince of Asturias


The awards cover Arts, Social Sciences, Communication and Humanities, International Cooperation, Technical and Scientific Research, Literature, Sport and a final category for Concord (Harmony & agreement).

This year’s laureates include Rafael Moneo (arts), Martha Nussbaum (social sciences), along with the Footballers Iker Casillas and Xavier Hernández. Sir Gregory Winters and Richard Lerner have been nominated for their research into the immune system.

Also nominated is the US Author Philip Roth.

The awards jury stated; ”The narrative work of Philip Roth forms part of the great American novel, in the tradition of Dos Passos, Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner, Bellow and Malamud. Characters, events and plots form a complex view of contemporary reality torn between reason and feeling, such as the sign of the times and the sense of unease about the present. His literary quality is displayed in his fluid, incisive writing.”

Other nominees this year include the International Red Cross and for Concord, the Spanish Food Bank

There have been some notable personalities to receive the Laureate in years gone by. Award winners have included Leonard Cohen, Haile Gebrselassie, the Spanish Football squad for winning the world cup (fair enough!) and back in 2008 Google won the Laureate for communications and humanities

As I watch the live strea they have some how even managed to get a marching band of Bag Pipes to play as part of the closing ceremony. I never realised that this was something that happened outside Scotland! I now understand the influence has spread to Galicia and Asturias! (or did the Scots get it from them??)

All things considered, this is a world class awards ceremony that demonstrates a country holding its head high, during a time of great stress and financial pressure. The class and culture of Spain can never be taken away and this is a fine example of a proud nation showing the world what it is all about.


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To the Dark side of the Road


This next section offers some insight into the polarity of Spain’s current and real predicament. The original ideas came from a Greek blog of Pedro Olalla 

Pedro talks about Greece’s debt, and how Germany is being viewed in Europe as the “great rescuer”, at least as far as the City of London and Frankfurt are concerned. The same argument can be applied to Spain and Italy I believe.

Pedro argues that historically the strongest European country (and in turn most successful one) has repeatedly denied payment of their debts.

You can maybe guess which country Pedro suggests is in the frame for this - Germany.

Pedro goes on to mention that the debts in question did not arise from financial speculation. These debts arose out of  reparations from the two world wars of the 20th century.

Under the terms of  the Treaty of Versailles (1919), Germany was ordered to pay war reparations to the Allies in the amount of 226,000 million gold marks. This was a patently a stupid amount of money to ask for, that no nation could have afforded at the time. Pedro argues the purpose was to punish the “belligerent nation” and curb rapid recovery, that could then be followed by further hostilities.

It did not work out that way.

Between 1924 and 1929, Germany struggled with the insurmountable debt

By the time of the crash in 1929, huge losses for lenders opened the possibility of default. By 1932 the U.S. decided to cancel the war debts to France and Britain, who, in turn as creditors, waived most of the German debt.

In short, by 1932, Germany achieved a net reduction of over 98% of the debts that were imposed at the end of World War I.

When the second war kicked off in 1939, Hitler unilaterally suspended all payments, including this 2%. Debt free and on a mission again as it turned out.

At the conclusion WWII, history repeated itself.

Germany was ordered to pay war reparations, but by the time of the Treaty of London (1953), the U.S. was eager to make the new Germany a big player in NATO.  Consequently payments were to be delayed until much later on, in fact until 1990.

The US managed  to “convince” twenty countries, including Greece & Spain, to allow a remission “de facto” for Germany of all debts arising from the Great War.

Pedro believes this was  an extraordinary preferential treatment, and favorable foreign policy for the losing country to recover from all pre-war debts since 1881.

In 1990, when the unification of Germany came about it led to a revision of the  terms of the Treaty of London. The resumption of payments of compensation were frozen by the sitting government. Once again most of that “old debt” just went away. At the time nations such as Greece and Spain accepted the position. The truth is there was not much choice in the matter.

You can sort of understand why Pedro along with the people of Greece and Spain feel there is a false moral lesson going on here.

The “miracle” of the German economy has a lot to do with determination, organisation and hard work. It can also be argued that it is in part based on a leg up of  unpaid debts.

Pedro goes on to make a number of other arguments as to why the German industrial economy is so strong.

It is a fact that both Spain and Greece have made some bad economic decisions in the years up to the current recession. I think they would be the first to admit it.

I also think we owe it to Spain and the other Mediterranean nations to look behind the face of the current position. Having read Pedro’s thoughts, I believe we may have a case of blinkered vision by other nations who ignore their own recent history, before making a judgement on others.

Pedro finishes with a question

“Who owes whom?”

Let me know what you think in the comments section. If you like the posts, I would be really delighted to add you to my mail listing. Please drop your address in the box at the top right of the page..


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Contextual Search and the Progress of Mapping

Contextual Search and the Progress of Mapping


It must be Google Week: Part 2


biz network guy

Its funny how some things grab you, and this week seems to be Google week for me.

Firstly, Ed Dale  recently alerted my world to significant changes in the way Google’s algorithm is delivering our search results.. See The Cold winds of change for more. This morning I woke up to an Google + post  from Matt Cutts  (A player @ Google) who took things a little further.

Matt in turn outlined an article by ALEXIS C. MADRIGAL @ It makes for interesting reading.

When you look at Google Mapping, there is the map we see and then there is the “Deep Map” that Google actually creates.

Alex states “The deep map contains the logic of places – the data that you’re drawing from when you ask Google to navigate you from point A to point B.

Google call it Ground truth

In early days Google started out as a mere search engine (& got to be a pretty big one!) and more recently they have reacted to the almost thermo nuclear effect of mobile platform development.

Alex’s article suggests that:

Where you’re searching has become almost important as what you’re searching.”

biz network guy

Ed Dale - The Challenge

Once again Ed recently put in an interesting piece about contextual searching, A pig just flew by about the way Google is working toward being intuitive to your individual needs. Link this up with the algorithm changes of Penguin and it does not take a rocket scientist to see the way this is heading.

For Google, adding in the worlds “Physical” information and turning it into something we can all use, is a mammoth task. Wildly bigger than indexing the web!

Alex goes on to suggest that  “Google is locked in a battle with the world’s largest company, Apple, about who will control the future of mobile phones”

Apple is now running it’s own Geo information systems, that I understand will launch with iPhone 5 and this is part of the reason that a full on supernova of a Hoolie might be about to kick off.

The fact that Matt Cutts from Google posted the article (on Google +) would seem to suggest that he isn’t against this idea. I think it is fair to say that we might be heading for the Thriller in Manilla here if Alex’s predictions come .

The battle lines are drawn between Apple’s high standards of design and Googles armoury of information. The end result awaits in the days, weeks, months or even years to come.

Google already has information on 6 million business and 20 Million addresses. I am on Google places, its great!

This will develop and they will learn about you; your likes and dislikes, pointing you to places of interest via your phone or other devices… Here you go again see, with contextual and personal search results leading the way. Some will see it as big Brother, others as an improvement in life.

biz network guy


Alex finishes with an interesting paragraph which means we are all in the big picture for this

“Of course, they will always need one more piece of geographic information to make all this effort worthwhile: You. Where you are, that is. Your location is the current that makes Google’s giant geodata machine run. They’ve built this whole playground as an elaborate lure for you. As good and smart and useful as it is, good luck resisting taking the bait. ”

 Ever feel like you are on the last train to Chaos Central?

What do you think?? Let me know!

Sources from and google +




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Whats to be done with £117 Billion?

Whats to be done with £117 Billion?

Behemoths they Maybe…

Apple and Facebook are giants on a Global scale, but both have problems of sorts to deal with.

Tim Cook (Apples CEO) is sitting on a war chest of some 117 Billion Dollars according to Simon DukeSunday Times 5th August 2012. What’s the problem there I hear you cry!?

biz network guy

Tim Cook - CEO Apple

Apple’s issue is that although they have huge sums of money, most of it is tied up in foreign bank accounts to avoid a huge bill payable to the US Government. It is estimated that to free up all their cash they would need to find some $25 Billion to pay Uncle Sam.

Having said that they are still making acquisitions that would make most peoples eyes water. Recently they bought a company that deals with fingerprint technology. The £300m plus takeover did not even warrant press release at the time. £300m works out at about 2 days profit for Apple according to Dukes report.

Apple need to spend money to progress. Although the finances that are held around the world are not show stopping, it is most likely still a hindrance. This is especially the case when others around are trying hard to catch up. Samsung are the current top of the competing pile with both Nokia and Blackberry slowly coming out of their own private years of gloom with an eye to compete in the massively strong market of high tech phones

I Phone 5 is on the way is September and this is a big thing for Apple. I Phones account for 2/3 of apples profits. The I Pad weighs in with around 15%

I Pads should still not be sniffed at as they have sold some 67 million units in just over 2 years. Lap tops and desk tops make up the rest and this just goes to show how mobile the world is becoming. Come on, you have seen it in bars shops and on trains. Everyone has their head buried in a mobile device. It is only going one way here!

It is apparently the case that profits are down at the moment, mainly due to a downturn in sales in the Far East and well documented problems in Europe. All things point to an Autumn launch and the rumoured possibility of an Apple TV in the next 12 months or so.

So it is not all bad news and Tim Cook has just released a first dividend to share holders since something like 1995. There is also the small matter that Apple has held talks with Twitter.. Where that leads, no one can tell, but the money they would have to shell out for that would indicate that senior management are looking to  move forward with some pace.

The big question I guess is who would bet against Apple and I guess most people would rather have that kind of money in the bank than not. A happy headache?

There is a fairly basic fact that things move around. Nobody remains on top for ever. Just ask AOL, Myspace, Yahoo and Nokia for starters.. Apple would have a long way to fall and a lot of money to spend to prevent hitting the ground in any kind of way..

I read that they are considering buying a TV studio to support the new TV to be launched next year. It maybe that they will need to find a way to use the $80 billion sitting in those foreign bank accounts at some point!

The Facebook Castaway

Kate Losse was employee number 51 at Facebook. She worked in PR for the company for five years penning Mark Zuckerberg’s blog entries and online posts. In the end she elected to leave;  cashed in some shares and left for the seclusion of Texas. It is clear that she became disillusioned with the development of social media and frustrated with the lack of ability to lose yourself in the world today.

biz network guy

Kate Losse

Kate was quated as saying  “There is no middle of nowhere any more” She went on to say “You cant get away from it, it is everything, it is everywhere”

Kate’s book, The Boy Kings describes the brash leadership and attitudes in Silicon Valley and she is now fairly clearly against the worlds fast developing social media.. Another fear is that Social Media users are beginning to cloud boundaries between online activity and real life. An online casual contact is rarely a real friend, which can sometimes make for a struggle for people to manage the boundaries of technology against real life.


The Dark Art of Personal Branding, has just seen the Light.

The Dark Art of Personal Branding, has just seen the Light.

 So what is is all about?

Showing Off? Making your stamp? Improving you position?

I would say it is about all of the above. It is about getting some market authority and leadership in your field. It is about being respected by your peers for what you do in life. It does not matter what it is.

biz network guy

So what is it all about?

I have picked up some great tips in recent times from Gary Veynerchuk. In his book “Crush it”, he describes various ideas about how you can improve your standing with your peers, and improve your business profile. To enable yourself to do this, you have to do something you love. This is the only way you can sustain an approach over time.

Part of the approach taken in “Crush it” is to adapt and adopt the new media tools that are out there to help you. The more I look into this world (of the internet), the more I see that we are all in a far better position to get ahead of the game, than we ever have been before. In past articles I have talked about the big players in social media. This week I have found a couple more:

Scoop it

This is like owning your own magazine. Scoop it makes it dead easy to publish content in a magazine style publication. Take a look at my page 

I am now using a number of platforms to support my blogging. You can see most of my posts are on Scoop it, as are some of the other interesting bits of the net that I have come across.

This is yet another on the whole (FREE!) way to spread your word, and move forward your personal brand. I am going to say it again. There has never been a better time to promote you, or your business at very little cost. Really, it is only your time and effort that will get you the return here!

And so on to the next little potential gem!

Brand yourself

biz network guy

Stuart Bartram

I today recorded a podcast with a good fiend Stuart Bartram. Stuart works with Brandex Insight and has masses of experience in delivering brands success; whether they be a big company, or an individual. He adopts the internet in full and uses a range of skills to deliver success for others. I know that Stuart keeps up with things and he came up with “Brand yourself” today.

BrandYourself started when Co-Founder Pete Kistler couldn’t get an internship in college, because he was being mistaken for a drug dealer in Google. Their goal is to make it as easy as possible to help anyone control their own search results

It all looks pretty good and as Stuart suggested there are some heavy weight investors already on board. As with most sites it is easy to get on registered, although the first time I logged in it said they didn’t support outside the USA. Having had another crack at it, all seems well now.
The site takes you through a number of simple steps and actions to boost your profile. One of which is to link you blog to your Brand yourself Profile

I guess we can consider that done then!

I guess the test is going to be to see how John Davy fares on Google in the next few weeks. At the very least I have been able to link BizNetworkGuy to the Brand yourself profile, so I’m sure we will get some fuel and energy from the experience!

Hope you have enjoyed the read, Podcast will be up soon. If you want to keep up with what’s going on,  please sign up on the email at the top right of the page. Have a great weekend
John Davy – Biz Network Guy | Promote your Page too
biz network guy
photo credit: Jennifer Kumar via photo pin cc

John Davy - The Network Junction

Hi. A first article from John Davy

I think it makes sense to tell you who I am and what this is all about.

I live in Norfolk, England and have recently made some interesting changes in life. I have a vision about how I’m going to live the next few years and it involves you, me and others.

john davy business networking biz network guy

Who is John Davy??

I am a sliding door person rather than a plan the route kind of person. Thankfully, I have on the whole landed on my feet along the way and at the same time learned some lessons.

I started out many years ago  in the police force in London, England, which was a blast for a young “whipper snapper” in his 20s.

It gives apretty good insight in life’s  good and the bad bits and at the same time sets you up  to be able to address the things that life throws at you.

After that it was at the age of 27 get married or does something else.

As I had no girlfriend at the time the first option was out, so I elected to go around the world instead. I enjoyed a trip that took me through South East Asia, Australia, the pacific islands and the USA. In the end I had to come home because our dear friends in America were not showing the world cup “Italia 90” on any TV station as far as I could make out.

So then came one of those big old sliding doors… Re-join the police or join American Express. The police said to come back, but took 4 months to do it… Too Late; I was with American Express in Birmingham and started on a career in financial services. Being in a recession, it was like learning to drive in a Hummer or Landrover. Bit challenging!

The theories they taught about consultative selling were interesting though. Infact that was all that was very interesting about it and I left to move on and work with a mate in manufacture. 94 saw me move back to Norfolk and start to work with Apex Car rental.

Now we started to hit a groove.

At the start they had 40 cars at the end they had 400 cars..

This happened by me making friends with the Film industry and there is a whole new story there I will come to!!

After that came a bit of company ownership and a 10 year association with the temporary flooring industry. During this time I had to make the Music industry my friends with the direct benefit that I followed U2, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John around UK and Europe working from Glasgow to Seville (Last show I did was Bruce Springsteen and the E street band … Cracking!)

Cutting a long story short I then went on to work with a company that took me into the world of 3d flooring. Wow I hear you say. Well before your eyes glaze over, it was quite cool . The main project I developed was for London 2012.

Watch the video and look out for the big fellow in the pink shirt!

Take a field on a hill and turn it into a global sporting event arena. Not a bad Job??

So why here, why me and why now?

Last five years I have wanted to own my own life and unlike others who find the path when they are 7 years old it took me until 44 years. The last four years have been a slow development to taking control of my own
personal brand.

I will fill in a bit more detail on this route, but I am now set on a course via the usual series of sliding doors and chance meetings and chats that is going to take my life and business on line.

Oh and by the way, at the same time I am starting a new business in Carbon Fibre Telecoms infrastructure that you might read about shortly

The basis of this blog has a point, and that is the fact that since the dawn of my time I have been a network person. This is both in personal relationships and in business for 25 years. If you think about the police force is all about working relationships with people and acting like a social conduit.

The beginnings of this lifestyle came when I was a kid and the last 25 years has been all about making friends and influencing people.

Sometimes well, sometimes not so, but always making progress and learning from the experiences.

So here is a Network Junction for want of a better phrase

This is my place, my blog that I will do my best to get you to think about how networking can help you. I will deal with all kinds of things that I hope will improve the place you are it will be very much on a human level.  Social Networks… Yep they are there…

Don’t you just love them? I want to enhance that and add to it
with the human touch. Should be a good ride!

Thanks for reading.