Would your Boss – My Book is back from the Editor!

Would your Boss – My Book is back from the Editor!





The moment is drawing nearer to my first book being published. A bizarre thing to me (let alone you), but at the same time it feels like a natural progression.

My editor Tim Smith has previously worked with Aviva, Archant publishing and currently in a press posting with MOD. He has run the rule over it and sent it back. Now all I have to do, is format it up and put it on Amazon. In real terms, I suspect we may be looking around Christmas time to get this up and running.

I have to admit that finishing the book felt quite good. I got another little belt when Tim came back and said he thought it was a good read .(and not the pile of pants I was expecting him to say!)


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Would your boss punch you in the face, then laugh when you bleed?


I have started a Pinterest Board which I am hoping to work with Gary Norman on. (Probably need to talk to him about this!) and will set up a supporting Facebook page, which I will link to.

The process has been interesting with a load of coffee, an iMac and Casting-words (california) all coming into play.


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The nectar of creativity!

From the coffee point of view I have to thank my sister. A 50th Birthday present of a coffee machine is probably the best used bit of kit in my house. The iMac got used more than anything as I typed a good part of this using Scrivener software.


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iMac Central


Finally, some of the Chapters were put together by audio recording me chatting the section through. I would then upload the audio file to casting words who in a few days would send me back the transcript document. This was a bit of an odd process to start with, but after a while you get used to it. Big advantage is it is damn (please note Rick B) quick to get done


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The magical castingwords.com


Ofcourse the other thing that keeps me going is the walks with the dog. Twice a day I get to take in the countryside we have up here and I find it a great way to let your mind go to all sorts of places. Even on the not so nice days. The added bonus is it sort of keeps you in good nick, doing about 5 miles over a couple of walks.


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Walking the dog and freeing the mind


I am fairly obviously going to be talking about this in the coming weeks as it is something I want all of you to be a part of. I hope that some of you may choose to give it the once over if you get a kindle for Christmas, or for that matter an iPad, Nexus or Samsung. For those of you who are back in the desk top age you can get it there too! The one place it wont be is on a book shelf as I am committed in to the Kindle Platform at least at first. Exciting times my friends!

Hope you all have a great week and thanks for reading.

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