Why be positively Social??!

Why be positively Social??!



14th August is today!

It started some hours ago in Australia.

It will start very soon in the UK.

Some time in the future it will begin in the US of A…

On Twitter we are talking about #PositivelySocial for those that are twittered up.

For those that are not, please visit Frank Eliason and his article A day to be positively social

It all started with some sad character having a go at Tom Daley after his initial pairs dive in London 2012. It does not need repeating, but suffice to say it was not pleasant. Frank came out with the idea that the 14th of August should be a socially positive day. I initially read it on Scot Monty’s blog and so here we are..

Lets start with the London Olympics closing ceremony…..

business networking

Always look on the bright side of life!

business networking

Doing my bit @ Hampton Court Cycle time trials

business networking

A very positively social closing ceremony!


My contribution lies below and I hope you get some positive vibes from my efforts and dreams….

Ask me Why?

Sometimes things happen that lead to fundamental change to the way you approach your world.

The first sniff of this came a week or two ago at a 4N breakfast meeting.

Richard Moore spoke about a number of interesting subjects, but the one that got me thinking, was to do with why?

A week or two later I watched a TED speech by Simon Sinek, which took the question of why to a whole new level.

So what is the why about me?

I am a firm believer in WE.

I have spent the best part of my time on this planet creating, developing and maintaining relationships with others. I believe that relationships are meaningful, fun, productive and more than anything built on trust. Some are with friends, others with family and a good number developed to pursue business interests.

I live this by writing BizNetworkGuy and sharing information freely.

Also by listening and watching what others are doing.

Commenting and contributing where I can.

Talking with people directly.

I also communicate online with people I know; and others I would like to know.

From the many seeds sown, some develop and flower in time. Others do not. Some happen quickly and others take many years.

In short…..

I believe that trusting human relationships make the world go round.

The way I achieve this is to listen, share freely and try to help solve the things that matter to my friends and peers.

By helping others I make them; and me happy.

Success is a bi product.



& what

Now watch below!!



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