Where things come from

Where things come from



A stumbling moment in time.


This week I went to the Showman’ show and bumped into a couple of people that I had not seen for some time. Both of them had an interest in what I have been up to, and  we spent some time chatting. For that reason I would like to share this post.

business networking

The Showman's Show

It has been an interesting ride in the last year and one month. I have been encouraged along the way by people that I have never met. The important moment comes in the message they share.

Sometimes by referral, and sometimes by chance.

Corbett Barr and onwards


I cant recall why, but I ended up on a site run by a guy called Corbett Barr. (Great name!.. Only in America I suspect!) On one of Corbett’s posts was a video. Watching the video changed my thinking on the way of the world. For me it stands up as well today, as it did on the day I watched it for the first time.

With that in mind, I hope that you can get some insight from Gary Vaynerchuk. (Be aware there is some language.)



Corbett’s original post can be seen here

Have a great week Suzanne & Jeff!

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