What do JFK and Ben Rattray have in common?

What do JFK and Ben Rattray have in common?

Ideas and Ideals

I will get to what JFK and Ben Rattray have in common I promise, so stick with me!

Has everything been done?

Scientific advance would say no.

Others might say yes in the world of marketing and creativity. It is very unusual for an individual or an organisation to come up with an entirely new idea that has never been done before.

Most movies or stories play on variations of tales of old. Fairy tales or stories from the bible. The company of Wolves, Alice in Wonderland and the Tales of Narnia spring to mind.

In our world the things that stand out will be things that inspire you.

Being inspired to believe in a cause of any kind, will etch into your soul far more than any message that tries to sell, intimidate, manipulate or scare. To inspire means to make others believe. Belief is the most powerful of emotions.

If you have taken heed of people like Godin, Sinek and Stellzner you will understand these thoughts. It is true to say that just about every great leader that has ever existed, became hugely successful because they inspired people ahead of anything else.



Flawed characters in some ways, but inspiring all the same.

The leaders of thought were the ones that made you believe. Just think about it… Dylan, Jobs, Gandhi, and Kennedy. They were no different from a vast number of talented people, other than having a remarkable ability to formulate their words based on understanding why something was important. Their ability to communicate in this way appealed to one and all.

So take the title of JFK and Ben Rattray.

I just found him on the Time 100 list and he meets the same credentials. He starts a site called CHANGE that understands exactly why it is there. No wish for reward, but a 100% belief in what they are doing and why.

The rest is what simply becomes History


business networking



Those of you who have read my posts before will know I am a fan of Simon Sinek. I have listened to his book, “Start with Why”..

In the book he suggests that we pretty much all know what we do and some of us know how we do it.

The real trick is in knowing why.. This is the difference between how most companies communicate and how great companies communicate. They great ones start with why.

It is their passion and art that differentiates them and the bi product is a high level of achievement.


And so to this post…. This is being written on a new toy for me, Day ONE  . It is a journal bit of software that lets you track your thoughts over time by making entries rather like a diary.. I started using it to track my work in LinkedIn.

Every time I see something that interests I make a note I can return to later on and find some way of using it moving forward. It helps in trying to get ideas into shape and mould them into a usable model.

Have a great week

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