We Buy from people we like. We like the people we think we know – Chris Brogan

We Buy from people we like. We like the people we think we know – Chris Brogan




This morning I went for a stroll with the dog (as you do) and started listening to Chris Brogans Book “Google + for business” . Chris is someone I have a lot of time for, as do many others who graze in the internet paddock!

Chris grew up with the net and started blogging when it was known as journalling, back in 1998. He is sought after to speak by conference’s and major corporations on social media and how to have an cohesive approach to internet activity for business.

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Meeting Chris Brogan at the Social Media World Forum 2012.

His book” Google + for business” goes into a lot of detail on how you can make the most of this social platform. It aims to increase your presence online, and drive business in your direction. Having just got through Chapter one, I know I am going to have to sit down with a pen and paper and go through the whole thing again once I have listened through a first time. There is a wealth of info on background, method and how to maximise your impact.

Here is my Google + Page

One of the great lines Chris came up within the first chapter or so, was the title of this blog.

We Buy from people we like. We like the people we think we know”

We have mostly heard the first line, but the second is probably more telling, when it comes to social media activity. It makes the point about what social media does for you and in turn, what Google + (and others) can do for your business. It allows you to connect and communicate with your customers or clients in a personable manner. It allows your clients to get to know you as a person. If they think they know you , they will want to like you. If they like you, they are far more likely to buy from you.

This simple thought is very true. There is a difference between buying and selling. If you are seeking a quick fix for sales numbers, this is probably not the best route for you. If you are looking to foster a community that you can grow and develop, I would recommend you pop off to Amazon and grab a copy for yourself. In-fact I might put a quick link ( which will be affiliate , so if you buy one I might get a few cents to be absolutely clear!) in at the bottom.

So what does social media do?

It allows you to talk to you people on a far less formal basis than a corporate web site. Quite commonly it is tricky to make any connection with a corporate site, which may be for good reasons. Chris would describe the web site as your real estate it has value and presents a business in a formal frame work. Blogging and social media allow you to be more flexible and personal. By blending business and personal interests within your content, your readers get to know you better and on a more personal level. It is a natural human instinct for people to become interested in others, and go on to like that person for having an honest and open approach. The removal of the perceived veil of secrecy and formality, can really make good things happen for you.

This works on all sorts of levels. If you look at the phrase “we like the people we think we know”, it is often the case that the people you come across within social media, do not really know you directly.

They just have a perception that they do, which can be promoted by your open communication and the blended publicity you provide. They don’t have to directly know you to like you. Best example off the top of my head is Richard Branson. The impression most have of Richard Branson is one of an affable, honest, brave, (multitude of balloon flights etc) hard working man, who always has a smile on his face. You know him, but you don’t. You admire and like him.. You buy his Coke, mobile phone, music and airline tickets….

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Probably don't need to tell you this is Richard Branson!

Social media is a tool for helping you develop your lifestyle and business; if you let it.

It is worthy of note about Google + that it is owned by guess who? Google!

Google is the biggest search engine in the world.

Do you know the second biggest search engine in the world? No.. well I will tell you, it is Youtube.

Do you know who owns Youtube??? Google.

Recent changes that Google made to search algorithms, are weighting search results toward your more personal interests. These come in the form of social media interests. When you click a tweet button or a face book like, Google now takes note!

Google + is the google social media platform. It released only in July 2011. To date it has 100 million active users. It is true to say this is some way behind Facebook’s 700 Millions +, but would you want to bet against Google and Youtube to compete. You have nothing to lose by looking into these useful tools and getting your head around them. If you want any help with that feel free to drop me a line. Be happy to help.

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