Walking with Gary Vaynerchuk – the Podcast interview

Walking with Gary Vaynerchuk – the Podcast interview

Gary Vaynerchuk was a fundamental motivator for me to work on line. His influence for me over the last couple of years has led to my new found internet home of LinkedIn.

The headline news from our chat was that Gary Vaynerchuk will be speaking in London before the end of this year. Keep in touch for details

Infact you can get a link here!¬†for Gary’s book signing event in London December 12 2013

For those that know (and those that don’t!) two years ago I was swinging around in the dark. I have just left my proper job and departed from one home, relocating back to my real home in Norfolk. A few months earlier I had decided that it was time to make a change and this was the beginning of my online journey

The very first person I spoke to was Jennifer Sheahan, a trusted friend and confidant who told me about her experiences she had gone through and the possibilities of earning a living from working on the Internet. It is always great to have someone you can trust and really believe in when making is conscious and important decisions.

This led me to taking on the challenge with Ed Dale and fairly soon after that I picked up a book by a guy called Mike Stelzner.

Mike Stelzner’s book is called “Launch” and it was a fantastic read. The book is packed tips and tools. It create as path to organically growing and strong and ethical business with full attention to the power of the internet.

“Launch” supported some of the ideas (and added to) I had and gave me some insight as to how I might achieve them.

Very soon after that I was surfing on the Internet and came across completely by chance a chap called Corbett Barr it was an interview on a blog post, part of which was an embedded video with a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk doing the keynote speech at a conference call web 2.0.

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Gary Veynerchuk

Watching the 20 minute video was a real eye opener and within a few days I had purchased Gary’s book of the time which was called “Crush It”.

This book was equally enlightening as Mike Stelzner’s book “Launch” and it set the mould for me on just how I was going to make the internet work for me.

Consequently some two years later, to get the opportunity to speak to; and interview Gary Veynerchuk is a big moment. it is somethingI’ve hoped to do the more or less since I first saw that video way back in 2011 and now the opportunity has come to pass.

I hope you enjoy the content. At the time of writing I have no idea what is going to transpire. What I do know is it won’t be boring and will be well worth your time.

I don’t often ask, but on this one I would like your feedback on this podcast.

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