Play it again Sam – Blues on a Grand Piano

Play it again Sam – Blues on a Grand Piano


A video with a difference


A few months ago I ran into Gary John Norman at a 4N meeting at Norwich.

It turned out to be one of those moments. Apart from being a great chap with a good sense of humour, he happens to be a magical photographer with true vision.

“It’s all in the light”, he tells me!

Just check his site and you will fully understand.

We spent some time talking about the use of video and Gary was keen to give me some insight on what you can do with video if you add some thought and experience. After a while I came up with an idea to include my dear friend Paul Millns

I have known Paul for many years and there is a fantastic story as to how we came together.

In the video you will learn how we came together and what a remarkable chap Paul is. I hope you enjoy it and please get in touch if you would like to find more. Paul is directly contactable on He is on iTunes spotify and a load of other sites


davy paul from Gary John Norman on Vimeo.


The short story on how I met Paul:

Promoted a concert in Luton, went horribly wrong, kept in touch with PR guy Dan Kirkby, who introduced me to Terry Wogan’s producer Pauly Walters, that led on to a lunch with Tony Bramwell who was a Beatles production manger to talk about a Radio 2 sponsored Concert. He was promoting Paul’s Album When love comes Calling and gave me a CD. Six months later Paul Played at the Norwich Art Centre.

business networking

Paul on the Steinway and playing "the Blues"

Paul is from legendary times and has played with many of the Great Artists from the 60’2 onwards. Alexis Corner & Peter Thorop of CCS fame and Eric Burden to name a couple or so.

business networking

Roony JD and Paul on our day of recording


His band includes Ingo Rau (with whom he records) Uk based Sax player Nick Pentlow and the legendary American Harmonica player Butch Coulter (Played with Long John Baldry and many others


A nice short one that shows Butch giving it some teddy!


We had a great day at the Anteros rooms in Norwich. A lovely little venue with Art Galleries and Cafes within. Paul is keen to come an play there, so you never know I may get my old promoting boots out at some point again…. If any of you would like to see Paul, please drop a comment or mail.. Thanks and have a great week!


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  1. A perfect work John with professional video from Gary John Norman and send my sincere comgratulations to Paul Millns from Paco Norman that right now and for ever is his number one spanish fan.
    Congratulations all of you.

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