Middle East Adventures

Middle East Adventures

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This week has been travel time, with a trip out to Dubai. It has been great on a number of levels. As ususal I have been networking away with a view to selling some kit; in this case Geostrut Carbon Fibre Masts. The trip came about bya spot of luck really. Orginally Craig Barker the CEO of Geostrut USA was going to represent the company interests at the Tetra World Congress in the Dubai Trade Centre.

I got  a call from Craig a couple of weeks back, explaining that his daughter was getting married and that to travel to the show the following day,  was probably a bit troublesome to explain to the family. He asked if I would mind going instead and when he explained that the costs would be covered, it took me approximately a nano second to agree to the trip.

So whats the Tetra World Congress all about?

Simply speaking it covers all critical communication systems around the world. Emergency service and Government channels. Until a week or two ago I had no idea it existed;  but it does, and its huge. It pretty much equals the mobile phone networks and is a good cause to chase, as far as the Geostrut carbon fibre mast is concerned.

As a trade show is fitted the same mantle as the last one I went to in Al Khobar, in that it was pretty slow most of the day. The stand we had was a piggy back with Skymasts and we all got a little  lost in the ether.

So what would you do in that situation?

To be fair, it is nobodies fault. It is very difficult to tell what shows are going to be like. There are actually two days left to go on this one and so it may well perk up tomorrow anyway. The thing is to work out what to do on a slow day at a trade show?

My suggestion is to get on your bike and ride around a bit.

Your a paid up delegate or Exhibitor and there is no law against selling to other exhibitors. Today I took around 3 hours walking around the show. Any stand that looked even vaguely like they might have an interest in Carbon Fibre masts got a few minutes of my time. On the whole you will be well received by your peers doing this. Clearly on occasion you get a bit of a winger every now and again who wants to make life difficult. To me they do not understand fully why they are at the event in the first place. Never worry about the few that will bat you off into the slips.

Result of the day? I may well have met a couple of potential supply partners in two European countries. The fact is, if I had stayed manning the stand I would not have found these people and I would not be feeling particularly happy tonight writing this piece of literature!

There is always a way to make the best of your day. That is true if you are at trade show or any other place for that matter. Even at home or in the office, you can find some way to make a day worth having!.

I come back to the point of procrastination. If you sit and think about things rather than do things, you most likley wont achieve too many of your aims. Just starting helps and from there you will be surprised what can develop.

This time tomorrow I will be at the airport and looking to get on a 2.30am flight to London. 7.5 hours later I will be back in the UK and looking forward to getting home. Another trip ticked off and a great city visited.. Dubai Marina is great. Check out the video!..


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