Look Back, Look Forward – The iPad v Desktop

Look Back, Look Forward – The iPad v Desktop



Don’t Look Back in Anger….

The world according to JD in  9 mins 17 seconds, followed by a look at what is going on with the iPad.


In the video above I take look back over the last year.

Since the beginning of this blog on the 18th February 2012, I have managed to reach people in 81 countries and have attained a solid following in the UK, USA and (I am delighted to say!) Spain.

The best article of the year by far was the story of the Coldplay concert in the Vicente Calderon Stadium (Home of Athletico Madrid). It told the story of converting a full on concert venue back to a football pitch in 36 hours, just in time to stage the Spanish cup final. Cold play to Copa del Rey

We did some great Podcasts. Starting out with one which is still a favourite of mine with Paul LudfordPaul is running the production build for the 2013 Glastonbury Festival. I wish him all the very best on what is a mammoth project.

Podcasting is a great way to put an article together and I have many more planned for 2013. In-fact we have four in the bag that will be ready to go in the early stages of 2013. Some real crackers actually, with some very interesting people..

From there we pushed through the Summer of 2012, and the wonderful London Olympic Games. I was lucky enough to take part in the games build up (working with WRG and ES Global on the bus terminal construction project) and made a visual video diary of the time I spent in London.

After the Summer came to an end, I started focusing on the next part of the plan. It was very clear to me that I enjoyed the opportunity afforded by working on the internet.

The question was where to go next?

All the evidence points toward digital publishing on mobile platforms. If you check my last few posts, you will see the progress made; and there’s lots more to come. I am committed to this path and there are a number of reasons why.

The main one being…

2013: The year when the tablet (or lets face it the iPad!) takes over from the desktop..

BizNetworkGuy continues in 2013.  I want to develop the speaking platform that SuperTed started last year, and with a bit of luck will have a booking or two in January to attend to. Drop me a line if you would like me to speak at any events you are planning.



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And so to the iPad.

I bought my wife an iPad mini for Christmas and I am guessing that some of you have most likely done the same in the last few weeks. The procurement process was not without complication, in that every time I called an Apple store after 11am, they were sold out. The end result was a dawn raid on Chapelfield in Norwich. I joined an orderly queue with a number of other sadly addicted Apple converts, in order to pick up the desired device.

Happy wife in the end, which is what counts!

The main man for the stats on iPad is Ed Dale. I ran into Ed on my recent  trip to LA and at that time he was saying the number sold had tipped over the 100 million mark. When you take into account that the 100 million number has been surpassed in under 3 years since launch; it is a pretty stunning achievement.

So, shift on a month or two and add to that the launch of the iPad mini.

Apple are probably heading flat out toward  the 150 million mark, and no doubt rubbing their hands with glee along the way.

What does this mean?

Google is the biggest search engine bar none.  A fact that is only ignored by the unwise.

So it is with Apple and the iPad.

I read plenty of predictions last year that the mobile tablet market (of which the iPad is a good 80%) is going to surpass usage of desk top computer systems at some point in 2013.

Simply speaking it makes perfect sense to align with the flow! Therefore….


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Have a great 2013.. JD


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