LinkedIn – A project

LinkedIn – A project

Whats to be done?


I believe the social relationships we form in business, are key to long term positive outcomes we seek.

Having got very close to social media over the last couple of years, I now wish to use this knowledge to consult, speak and train people (with a special eye toward  LinkedIn usage and strategy).

I want to work with companies or individuals who are looking for a full understanding of the different ways we can connect up, and in doing so improve the way we engage and communicate with the people who are important to us.

I believe the people we meet and connections we make, are a vital component in building the success of any given endeavour.


linkedin business networking

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. Photo: LinkedIn


The simple idea of freely sharing with others and seeking people who can believe in the same beliefs that you hold , is just about the best way to get to a long term and fruitful relationship.

In business terms LinkedIn is a very powerful tool to have in your hand.

I agree with the idea that people buy from people they know and more often from people they like. I also think it is the case that people like the people they think they know. Just check the view of Chris Brogan on that in his book on Google + .

This part of the theory has taken a leap and a bound since the social media machine started rolling down the hill. It lends some weight to why I believe that social media and specifically LinkedIn are truly worth every bit of effort you put into it.


linkedin business networking

Chris Brogan


From an early age I have always enjoyed the company of others. I found it easy to make friends and have always been the first on to call up others socially or for business. I have always aimed to inspire others to make something positive happen.

“Every company organisation or group with the ability to inspire,starts with a person who is inspired to do something bigger than themselves. ” so says Simon Sinek

That is my cause. To do something that is bigger than just me. For sometime I have tried to narrow down the niche from where I cab achieve my best art and at the same time help others.

If networking is my home, then LinkedIn is a very natural place for me to work in.

I would be pleased to share my knowledge with you.

Do get in touch

Have a great week!


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