Keeping those you love on side!

Keeping those you love on side!



So there I was sitting in a bar drinking ridiculously expensive Pinot Grigio in Dubai International Airport.  I have been away from home for 4 days and this is the 3rd time I have been in Dubai this year. Sounds great but it puts a load of stress on those round you.

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The Convention Centre in Dubai

Is it exciting to visit another country with a great climate? Yes it is..  (I say that.. What I mean is it is seriously hot and the air con is good. One morning it hit 43c at 0930!!). You see a different side of life, attend the trade show, eat drink and sleep. Two days later your on a plane at 0230 am and you arrive in London at 7 am. Given a fair wind I’m in the door at home by lunch time.

The thing to question is, what am I leaving at home. I am leaving a lovely family, the cat and a cracking dog. My wife has to manage all three and after a while (don’t forget this the 3rd time this year it all wears a little thin at home.


business networking

Frustrating it can be!

Since the beginning of the year I have been working hard to establish the business. This is a hard thing to do and it can also be a hard thing for those at home. So much effort is made and hours put in, that it is easy for those you love to feel left out. Trying to explain the multitude of things going on is difficult if not dam near impossible.

My business is on three fronts. They are a trading agency in the middle east, a sales business for Geostrut carbon fibre products and my online business.

There are a number of phases in the life of a business and in the early days it is all about self promotion and self discovery. You try things that work and you do things that don’t. You try to learn the lessons along the way.

Take the internet for example. I started the process last year by completing the Challenge, and along the away was lucky enough to have some good friends one of which being Jen Sheahan, who I could go to for advice. More recently, I have Dom Goucher to thank for guidance and help in establishing a business, that is now starting to make a return

What does your family see.?

A bloke who can be found at a computer for up to 16 hours a day and sometimes ( like now) away for lumps of time. There is no great tangible result coming through the door in terms of big lumps of money, but we are making progress. The start of the project saw a cash flow extending to June and we are now looking good for the end of the year. I have clients paying for day rate work and prospective clients out there that I am yet to speak to.

With Geostrut,  I have some prospective projects that could secure the progress of  the business for months (or even maybe a year). God knows I may be able to employ some one before the year is out, if all goes well

Risks – yes of course there are.

It could all fall down. I don t think it will and it certainly won’t be for the lack of trying. The signs are we will do OK

Conveying that to those at home is important as you need them on your side. Nothing is more important than my wife my children and my home. I know it is tough for them and the life lead is sometimes hard to understand .

I think it is fair to say that if I had a pot load sitting in the bank it might be easier on the eye for them, but Ion the other had I’m sure there would still be something to have a pop at.

Worst times without doubt are just before you go away and ( with some trepidation stated) just after you get back!

Current trip was a good case in point. A trade show that has ended up being pretty good. Some really usefully contacts to add to the list that will turn over work in time. Good enquiries for sure with proper companies and government organisations. No purchase orders though

All in all, the funnel filling is important to get the orders dropping out the bottom. I know we are close in a number of areas.  The wife wants to see the cash in the bank and  that is fair enough.

I guess I feel more pressure from those I love, than anyone else. I sometimes think that they would rather I was 9-5 and working in some dead end job. In some ways there is some anxiety about the fact that I get to great places and meet lots of people. I can’t deny that networking is fun and interesting if nothing else

The truth is that if I were to follow the herd, I would not be true to myself and my beliefs. In time there will be successes and  spiritual achievement. It is happening now.

I hope we all have the strength to see it through and get to enjoy the life we have in full. I don’t think that is an unreasonable aim. At the same time, I absolutely have to have all my family believe in me and be onside

I would urge all of you to work for that same aim. To do it without the ones you love, is ultimately pointless. Do I know the answers or even the happy medium? I don’t think so yet. I must get better and will let you know how things go

At the very least they got some nice presents to see if we can lighten the load!

photo credit: Leigh Righton via photo pin cc


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