Do it right or don’t do it at all

Do it right or don’t do it at all



Real Oviedo 1- Sporting Gijon 0

Back in November 2012 I wrote an article which was entitled Real Oviedo 1- Taxman 0

It told the story of the fight for Real Oviedo. A football club and got into big trouble with the tax people of the government of Spain. The club realised it was staring down the barrel of the €2 million tax bill, a problem that became more serious when the initial club appeal raised a paltry €60,000.00


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Sporting Gijon's Pitch on a good Day


It was at this point that Real Oviedo started to get imaginative and opened the doors via social media and crowd sourcing. After appealing to peoples better nature the response was wholly remarkable with the club raising €1.4 million in just four days. A final wealthy benefactor made up the difference and the club was out of its tax problems.

The result from me is I am now the proud owner of a Two shares in Real Oviedo and feel proud to be part of the club. A great feeling for me and the club is happy in the knowledge that they have been saved. The situation will not be allowed to happen again.


Not so for Sporting Gijon it appears!

Last night the Boss arrived in Gijon. All clubs like concerts as they make good returns for a one night event. It is however imperative that that they look after their core business of football and for the a stadium this comes down to one single thing

The Pitch


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Bruce Springsteen doing what he does best


Bruce Springsteen is a stellar performer who comes with a lot of baggage. By that I mean about 500 tonnes of stage and a couple of 75 tonne cranes to get it up. As you might imagine this needs some careful consideration to ensure that you give Sporting Gijon’s pitch the absolute best chance of coming out of the concert in a usable condition.

I saw a picture this morning of the current pitch build and it made me shiver.


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Not such a great day for Sporting Gijon's Pitch - If you look closely you can see the Groundsman in tears!


In the UK we have many years of experience in ground protection of pitches. Technology and systems have been designed and developed that can pretty much guarantee a successful event, whatever the weather and no matter what kind of heavy plant is needed to build the stage.

I  know that this kit exists in Spain.  100% FACT

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A 19th Century solution to a 21st century problem.

You saw it in the post I wrote about Coldplay in the Vicente Calderon Stadium of Madrid last year

I also know that the company that provide it are based a stones throw way from the Stadium in Gijon.

You therefore have to ask your self why the Joint tourist authority  (Google translate will give you the idea of what is going on here!) of Gijon decided it would be a good idea to put Gijon’s pitch at risk by electing to use some tatty wood boards and some tent canvas to cover the pitch.

The last time that solution was used was probably when the Grateful Dead were playing!

Who ever told them that was a good idea!?!

There is very little science in what they are doing and I don’t know if Gijon have an underground pitch irrigation system. I would imagine their groundsman is on holiday and currently having kittens about what is happening to his most valuable asset; the pitch!


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How to do it right . The correct systems will almost guarantee a great outcome - U2 @ Manchester


There is the potential for a big drama here once the show is over that could cost the club a massive amount of cash to put right. I am guessing you would agree that this is a stupid thing to do if there is a workable, trusted and credible solution to hand.

We await the results to come.

I hope that Gijon don’t lose their biggest match of the closed season!

photo credit: Alex Hempton-Smith via photopin cc

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