Days in Spain

Days in Spain



Summer Holidays:

Having spent the last few weeks working hard, it was nice to get away for a few days. My good friend Steve Moore moved to Spain about 7 years ago and I have had an open invite to visit for most of that time. We finally got around to it last week!

It was great to spend some time with the family having been away from home for a few weeks. The sunshine, swimming pool and some very fine wines just went to enhance a great short break.

We all work really hard and it is (in my mind) a vital part of life to take some time off, to be with your family. Your work is their work in some ways and wives and children can get just as stressed as you.

The Town of Sitges is very  near to Barcelona on the Mediterranean coastline. The temperature at this time of years is in the 30-33c region (90f plus)

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The Beach @ "Sitges", Spain

Positively Social


While I was in Spain I got the time to catch up on some reading and an article by Scott Monty really caught my eye.

When did we get so Nasty? 

The article was part inspired by an incident in the last week at the London Olympics. The diver Tom Daley suffered a Troll attack on Twitter. An individual thought it would be great to taunt the athlete by making insulting and hurtful comments about Tom’s father who had passed away a couple of years ago.

A 17 year old was arrested by police in the following week.

Scott made reference to Frank Eliason ons post  “Positively social” (Twitter –  #PositivelySocial hashtag)

Frank is asking people to provide some truly positive content on the 14th August. I think this is worthy of support and would therefore like to share it with you. Hopefully if I can get my head into gear I will write something useful and positive on that day!

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