New LinkedIn App hits the streets


Mobile Friendly is the way to go!



LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. Photo: LinkedIn

What has previously been an industrial experience just had a serious working over. The new LinkedIn app is out on the streets. The question is, does it change the game and has Linkedin life become a bit easier?

Linkedin has released a ground up rebuild their mobile app. The idea being to develop a mobile experience that is more intuitive, smarter while simplifying the LinkedIn experience.

The streamlined new app has five core areas

Your Feed – Me – My NetworkMessagingSearch.

Your Feed  - (Home) is content updates from your network. Linkedin’s aim is to find the most relevant content for your industry, function, and skills along with the conversations you want to see.

For the first time, LinkedIn will ask you what content you are interested in, and if you don’t like what you see, you will be able to unfollow things.

Me -  is all about your professional brand. It’s where you can see who’s viewed your profile, who is commenting on, or sharing your posts.

A real step forward is the ability to update your profile that previously has been very limited. From first appearances, the ability to add rich media to your profile is still limited in mobile apps

My Network – is a daily briefing of what’s happening in your LinkedIn world.

You can see people you may know, new posts from your network and suggestions to keep connected. These will include all the usual prompts to say congrats (why they can’t use the word congratulations I will never know!) to a connection celebrating a new job or work anniversary, or send a message to someone in your network when they have written a post.

A useful attribute comes from syncing your calendar. You’ll be pointed to look at the profile of the person you are meeting, with details on what shared connections or shared interests you have. A real warm introduction to anyone you might meet!

Messaging - breaks away from email for a more Facebook/ Whats app approach to keeping in touch. It is easy for you to ping someone in your network on a quick question or continue a conversation as you would in real-time.

Linkedin tells us that search is now 300% faster, and smarter. Their example, search for jobs with the title “Gold” and get results before you even finish typing.

LinkedIn state the following – “The new app also fully realizes our multi-app strategy by bringing more focus to the main flagship app. And with the new app launcher feature, it is incredibly seamless to launch into other LinkedIn apps for dedicated and deeper experiences, like Pulse, Groups, Job Search, etc.”

This is a big move by LinkedIn, who realise that they like others are getting increasing amounts of their traffic from mobile devices. My thoughts have leant toward the idea that LinkedIn has a clunky back end.
Early days with the new app and we will see what improvements have been made over time. The desktop version is still key, and you still need that for the full experience of Linkedin (Work sample sharing of rich media, etc.)

It looks like a step in the right direction. What do you think?

For more info check out the LinkedIn Blog

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The Periscope or Meerkat Quandary

Who will be the winner in the great game of Live streaming?

The truth is nobody knows yet. Two spanking new apps released in the Spring of 2015, are showing all the signs of being a Betamax v VHS or Apple v PC battle for supremacy.

For those that don’t know, they are both live streaming apps that work on IOS and Android. The App’s give anybody with a phone or tablet device (along with access to the internet), the opportunity to broadcast LIVE to the world from where ever they are.

My first hint of the existence of these systems came at the opening speech of Social Media Marketing world 2015 in San Diego. Mike Stelzner spoke about Meerkat in his Keynote, little realising that Periscope (A Twitter Supported App) was being released to the world as he spoke.

In the weeks since San Diego, I have been operating both apps, looking for the angle to make the systems work for my business. Shiny new apps tend to take their time to develop. It was pointless to choose between the two, so I went with both to see what happened.

Here are my reflections on both systems along with what would be nice to see coming down the tracks.



Meerkat came first, and so gets first slot.

Meerkat is a downloadable app that streams live to the internet from your phone or tablet. Meerkat links to your Twitter account and notifies all your Twitter followers the moment you hit the stream button.

As soon as you start streaming, followers can see your broadcast, retweeting to others if they like what they see. The top of the screen shares the location of the stream and the twitter ID of the broadcaster.

Below that you see (hopefully many) icons that indicate the Twitter followers who are watching the broadcast. Numbers can be into the hundreds. (I don’t know if there is a limit.) You can also see the title of the stream including the hashtag

Meerkat is very easy to use once you link up your Twitter account. The single page interface asks you to title your stream and has a button marked “Schedule” and another marked “Stream”.

The schedule button allows you to “forward plan” a stream and alert your followers to the upcoming broadcast. It will send you a reminder nearer the time and can schedule 24 hours ahead.

Hit the stream button and you are live!. It can sometimes feel funny talking to no one at the start of the process, but talk you must.

In a few seconds, you start to see the icons of those who are watching. They can comment like and re-tweet your broadcast. They are also free to come and go, so you better make it interesting

When you finish your broadcast, it’s gone, Vamoose! Never to be seen again, at least on Meerkat.

Meerkat does not support the storage of your stream, but it does give the opportunity to overload the storage on your iPhone by saving the stream to your phone library. Being a video, you can expect this to take up Gigabyte chunks of your memory banks!

One thing Meerkat does that Periscope doesn’t, is to let you connect to a Facebook Fan page. A big + tick for that!



Periscope is (marginally) my favoured system as things stand. A couple of extra features influence my thinking.

Periscope does pretty much the same job as Meerkat. It allows for onscreen comments, re-tweet capability and also lets a viewer tap the screen, creating hearts that float up the screen. The hearts tell the broadcaster you like their stuff!

Where Periscope wins out is at the end of the stream.

When your stream finishes, it does not disappear. Periscope keep things live for replay over the next 24 hours, allowing people to view your video during that time.

The second reason to like Periscope is the data it gives you after the stream finishes, including viewers Twitter ID. Periscope tells you who is watching on mobile or via a desktop. You can connect with them and follow as needed. To my knowledge, Meerkat does not do this.

The Split Test

On first look at both apps, you see a lot of sunset, cats up trees along with people walking and talking about not very much. I wanted to find a way to provide something useful that people could engage & enable them to respond.

So started @linkedinadviser on Twitter.

The aim is to see how long it take to build a community using one or both of these platforms and find out which one works best for this purpose. Three days in and the Twitter following is starting to grow with no other marketing on any other channel.

I am working on combining my saved streams and getting them on to Youtube. It seems an awful waste just to let them go without making the most of the content. The challenge here is how to make a portrait view look good on youtube.

Watch this space for that one!

Meerkat has a suppurating app in Meerkatch that automatically can do this for you in a very basic kind of auto-posting way.

Future developments we would like to see!

Let’s be clear up front. These are very new systems that are constantly under development. More data on followers would be welcome, especially on Meerkat

More Metrics and measurable data

The ability to notify more than one Twitter account and for Periscope to be able to link to Facebook Pages would be a great move.

All things said and done; there is an opportunity for marketers on these platforms. As ever, the challenge comes in finding a useful way to use the systems that meet the needs & challenges of your client market.


Thanks for Reading

6 Things That Make a Business Go Boom!


business networking

Business overwhelming you? 6 ideas to help you get through – Photo Gary John Norman


The ride of the entrepreneur is often not smooth. Blood, sweat, tears & commitment don’t guarantee the return on investment, especially  if you don’t solve a problem for your client.

The obstacles that arise along the way can sometimes seem overwhelming.

The path to the positive outcome can be a long one and the hard truth is you just have to keep walking. Treating failure as feedback, then kicking on into the next phase undeterred is essential.

When setting up a new enterprise, it is important to get help as you progress. Heres some things I wish I’d had in the tank at the start

1. Find a problem and solve it

There is a deal of respect to be directed at those who choose the course of being writers, musicians, poets, and actors. Anything creative relies on a community having an emotional desire to buy your stuff. So many people want to do this emotionally charged work, and yet, so few people can make it pay.

The point is that there is no imperative for anyone to buy your stuff.

Money isn’t everything, but it does help in giving you a freedom to make the right decisions.

The differentiator between art and business comes primarily in solving problems for others.

Finding a problem that needs your expertise or an input that offers a significant saving of time and cost gives you the arrows in your quiver to pitch to a client with confidence.

The bigger the problem you can solve, the better chance that someone will be willing to pay well for it.

2. Give with no expectation of return.

In the earliest days of my journey, I found Mike Stelzner’s book “Launch” to be an exceptionally useful read

In “Launch” Mike articulates the best ways of engaging with a community. He suggests you look for people’s problems and solve them to the best of your ability.

Offer your best and give 100% for free.

Expect nothing in return.

The key is to develop a following or tribe of people who support your work. In time, when you have developed the highest levels of trust, you can then ask them for something in return. The chances are you will get it because there is trust in your intentions.

Mike now runs the Social Media Examiner web site and runs the conference, Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. The site has over 360k subscribers and the conference sells out every year with nearly 4000 delegates paying around $900 per ticket.

Work it out!

business networking

Seeing the light for you client is having their problems solved

3. A Definition of social Media.

The best description of the difference that social media has made in our networks came from a chap called Chris Brogan

He said, “People buy from people they like.” He added “They like the people they think they know!”

Therein lies the definition of social media.

Some people you know. Some people you know very well. The vast majority of people on your social channels can probably be best described as tenuous acquaintances. The rest are people you probably met once (maybe!) and in reality have little or nothing to do with you.

So What?

It is difficult to be a stranger these days and in commercial terms that’s a great thing. The days of cold calling are over. The ability to connect with people, engage and sell to them has never been more in your hands

4. The 80/20 rule of life.

80% will think about it.  20% will do it. Of that 20%, a very small number will do it well.

For those that act, the world awaits. By doing something that is useful to others and doing it consistently, you win.

Lionel Messi is the best footballer in the world as he is the most consistent in performance.

Most people don’t do it at all, so by just executing on almost any level you are going to be ahead of the competition.

5. Plant the seed

You set the seed and plants begin to grow.

Another book I would highly recommend is The Pumpkin Plan by  Mike Michalowicz.

Competition pumpkins in the US grow as big as your house, but out of the 1000 seeds planted, only three to five make it big, and only one or two become the champions.

The key is to watch those champions grow and then figure out what made it happen. Once understood, you only use champion seeds when you plant the next crop.

An essential part of the process is to weed out the none champions.

In business terms, this means losing the bad paying clients, the pains in the butt, and those people you don’t want to work with, but for some reason think you have to.

You do not! Get rid and see how much better you feel

6. The unnecessary pain of email

Email takes over most people’s worlds to obsessive levels. The distraction caused is one of the greatest diverters of time and energy known to mankind.

Reading Tim Ferris “4-hour work week” helped me to see the light.

His advice is..

Check your mail twice per day at 12 noon and 4pm.

Hey, stop shouting I’m just the messenger.

If you do nothing else, you have got to try this.

It works a treat.


You think you have to drop everything for email, but the truth is you don’t!

If it is important they will call. On most occasions, they don’t.

In the mean time can you begin to imagine what you can get done in 3 hours with no distractions. I’m telling you it’s a lot!

There you have a few ideas that will help you get through your day with less stress and more efficiency.

Do let me know what you think & have a great week



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5 Improvements Linkedin could make, that everyone would love to see

5 Improvements Linkedin could make, that everyone would love to see

I am a fan, in fact; I am a big fan of LinkedIn.

I spend a good deal of my time evangelising the benefits a company can derive from having a well put together presence on LinkedIn.

So, why is it that when you attempt to create this beautiful and effective presence on LinkedIn, you come up against a dinosaur of a backend that on occasions does its best to stop you?

Within the last week, I have been working with a client to have them establish an effective Company page to promote their business successfully. The company is called ES Global, a fascinating business who are one of the biggest players in global sports overlay and touring stage hire.

ES Globals stage was used at the Iconic Live Aid


ES Global Stage was used at Live Aid in 1985

The sort of places you would see ES Global operating would be at the London 2012 Olympics, where they built the water polo venue and the shooting venue. ( The slightly ageing video shows the work they did at the melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006) On the other hand if you were to go to a stadium concert watching he likes of Madonna, the Rolling Stones or Bon Jovi; the chances are it will be on an ES Global touring stage.

Here is their Company Page

A company page is an unbelievably good tool for any business who can spare the time to make it work for them. A company like ES Global with a worldwide footprint receives a lot of benefits when it comes to foreign clients looking to act in due diligence. Your company page and personal profiles simply make their lives easier & you can bet your bottom dollar they will like you for that!

So here’s a few things that have got my goat!

Crashed Showcase page loads
Clunky posting options all round
Frustrating web link loading
Web links that leave a blank image
The Problems that need Solutions

With ES Global, I needed to load up five Product Showcases. After the first two were created, LinkedIn came up with a message that we could not upload further. Options were waiting, or contact customer services (redirect to a help landing page to create a ticket. … yawn). After 20 minutes my colleague tried on another admin, and we got another two more loaded before the same message came up.

Eventually using three admins we got the showcases done. It would be handy to know why this happened and even better if it did not happen at all.

Next comes to Posting on showcase pages, company pages or for that matter profiles.

There are no useful features like automatic posting schedules (Check out facebook pages) that allow you to stack up a few related pieces of content to auto post over a few days, weeks or months. If you are posting to a Showcase page, I believe you would most likely want that content on my main company page. There is no way to do that without a manual duplication of the content as far as I can see. Tell me if Im wrong here!

Web link loading. In your personal profiles you get the chance to add some rich media by inserting web links to your summary, education and experience sections. More commonly than not I get this message..


LinkedIn Error message when inseting a Weblink

“Sorry there is a problem processing your request. Please try again”

and again…

and again. (you get the point!)

Goodness knows why this happens on multiple occasions. After a few goes it works through the system. It is still very clunky compared to other sites of similar ilk. You will find the same awkwardness in loading images into your company page territory you will obviously be pleased to hear. (which is the number 5 gripe, by the way, if your counting!)

Finally, there is nothing worse than putting a web link into a summary or experience section only to find that the system can’t pick an image from the site and decides to leave a big blank space. Now I appreciate that this may well be down to the website and not down to LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn does not give the option to upload your own custom image is beyond me?


Big Blanks instead of images

Any thoughts or other areas of improvement would be great to hear about & if LinkedIn has anything to add; it would be great to hear from them too!!

From my end, it’s rant over.

Please feel free to let me know your issues and lets see if we can drive some welcome improvements moving forward!

Thank you, that is all!

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REVEALED- The Secrets of the successful Business

REVEALED- The Secrets of the successful Business

Solve a problem or follow your Blazing Passion with no Guarantees

If you think about there are many people on LinkedIn, who follow each course. I have tried both routes in the last three years. I have read many books, some by Seth Godin, and I am drawn to his focus on the art in what we do and the ability for us to all be artists in our work.

In the truest sense of the word artists (whether they paint, play music, act or write!) do what they do because of a deep love of their art. A very personal passion in its purest form that is created at source with a singularity of the individual on most occasions.

Singer/ Song Writer Paul Millns

Sometimes that art remains within the notebook or even in the artist’s mind and never sees the light of day.Sometimes it goes further and is circulated amongst friends. The next group makes a huge effort to get widely known, and a very few of them go on to be JK Rowling, U2, Van Gogh or the William Wordsworth’s of this world.

There are many levels in-between of course, but the point is with an artist of any kind is that they create their art with no guarantee that anyone will like it let alone buy it. This is why in my book you have to have the ultimate respect for anyone in this world. Their primary driver is love for what they do, and everything else is up in the lap of the gods.

We all know a number of people that live their lives in this way. My great friend Paul Millns is an incredible musician of great talent. Most people that have managed to connect with his music have found it to be a moving and uplifting experience. His music touches people and his voice resonates his words in a true to life way with honesty and passion.

digital media strategy

Singer song writer- Paul Millns –

Paul has been in the music business for the best part of 50 years. He was part of the 60s explosion in blues music playing with the likes of Eric Burden, Alexis Corner and Peter Thorup. (You remember CCS – a whole lot of love – Top of the pops theme tune… Yes those guys!)

Have a listen here..

Paul has had some success in Germany, but should have had way more than he has and that is the luck of the draw.

The point is I guess that there is no imperative for a person to buy a piece of art. We buy it because we like it and if people buy it people pick on that it gets promoted, and more people buy it. Let’s face it 90% of people who follow this way of life are not in it for a financial return

So what is it that makes the difference? What is it that does make it imperative for someone to buy into you and the services you can provide?

In my view, the measure of your business success will entirely depend on you ability to solve a problem for others. The bigger a problem is perceived to be the more they are likely to pay to get things resolved. Solving problems has a clear purpose and is easy for a customer to understand.

If you can influence A & B to get to C when your client either does not have the time or the knowledge to do so. You have something special.

Then the chances are they are going to love you and top of that pay a fee for the service you can provide..

If you are thinking of starting your own business, It pays to look for problems and work out how to fix them. It will be the secret of your long term success.

How to win on LinkedIn and get the Influence you Deserve.

How to win on LinkedIn and get the Influence you Deserve.

It’s all in the headline, especially when it comes to a Linkedin profile.

“Your headline is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist. So, from copywriting and content marketing standpoint, writing great headlines is a critical skill.”

So says the copy blogger website and so say should you!



Copy Blogger website


Especially when it comes to Linkedin

The Copy Blogger article goes onto mention some interesting statistics such as 8 out of 10 read a headline, but only 2 out of 10 go on to read the article…

If you don’t have a good headline then why would anyone want to go onto read your profile.



LinkedIn Image


The whole top box section of your LinkedIn profile is an essential part of attracting the interest of others to your profile. If you achieve this then you get a chance at presenting to them on how you can help them out or solve their problems!

You have to get them engaged first foremost The word is you have a matter of seconds to do this, before they move on to the next one.

Make it count when you get the chance!

The video below gives you some do’s and do not’s about how to create a great top box and headline.

It highlights the mistakes that can be made and how the use of keywords that support the services or products you supply can make a massive difference.

I hope you find it useful and am happy to chat about any of the issues raised.

You can get me on LinkedIn of course.

I’m open link so anybody can drop a line.

Please do get in touch!

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LinkedIn App gets a fresh new look and features

LinkedIn App gets a fresh new look and features




Those of you who have it might have noticed an update on the LinkedIn app for mobile. Here is a review of some of the new features and highlights of this latest release.

Given that the project code of “Blue steel,” the idea was born of a simple concept to make LinkedIn members look the best they can on a mobile platform, whether that be Android iPhone or other. LinkedIn Data suggests that some 43% of all visitors to the platform come by mobile. This is only heading one way.

Your professional identity is the heart of your LinkedIn experience, for you and for others it allows you to tell your story to people you know and people that you want to meet. With the new app, you can discover new insights about other professionals and what you had in common. You can use it as an icebreaker when you meet someone for the first time and from the other end your prospects are informed of your specialities before you arrive.

A summary of the new apps plus points are:

  • Designed for Android, iPad and iPhone
  • “At a glance”  profile creates the best first impression on mobile
  • Enhanced ability to easily showcase ideas and insight
  • All the posts you write anywhere on Linkedin show up on your profile where ever (and on whatever) you or your colleagues are viewing.
  • “On the go”, see what you have in common with people you are about to meet
  • Simpler interface allowing you to update your profile whilst on the move.
  • See who’s viewing your profile and make stronger connections by finding things you have in common

When you link the new LinkedIn app with the connected app, the empowerment is magnified somewhat.


LinkedIn app Update july 2014 and Connected App –

Connected gives you gentle nudges on your connections anniversaries, new jobs and activities allowing you to congratulate somebody on a birthday, or new job or to connect with somebody who will improve your world. It offers search options and a range of control settings

The LinkedIn app brings just about everything else into play from groups, Company searches, Polls, your recent activity and last but not least a very useful intelligence tool that is who viewed your profile.

Just about everything you had on the desktop, now fits in your pocket.

Why not give these two apps a try on your devices and see how you get on. Why not share your tips and tricks on this page and let us know your thoughts?

One day is never the same as the next

One day is never the same as the next


Every now and again you get to do something completely out of the ordinary..

And so to today.

I sit here with my macbook air overlooking the spa Francorchamps Circuit (about 40km south east of Liege in Belgium) from the Team Black Falcon Hospitality structure. Good coffee in hand, waiting for some Friends and looking out at an impending thunderstorm that seems to be heading this way.


john davy

The view from the blog


This weekend is the Blancpain 24 Hour endurance race. The Spa circuit is rammed with Lambo’s, Bentley’s and in Team Black Falcons case the mighty AMG Mercedes SLS. My friends at Saudi Sports Group have been racing one of the Team Black Falcon Mercedes all year.

john davy

Team Black Falcon SSG Car #19

Tomorrows 24 race sees Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al Faisal and (on this occasion) his brother Saud Bin Turki Al Faisal both competing in the same event.

john davy


The set up here is immense as are the numbers. Just the bill for the tyres alone in a 24 hour race would make your eyes water and probably pay off most of your mortgage. And that is just for the one team.. There are more than 30 teams here with 2-3 cars each in the field of over 60 racers.


john davy

Dark skies over Eau Rouge – Spa

Tomorrow I head back across Belgium toward the channel tunnel and on to Wiltshire to meet up with family for the weekend.

This presents further opportunity to do some things that generally don’t form the normal course of events for an average Saturday.

On the 22nd October 1917 my Grandfathers brother Robert Davy breathed for the last time in a field close to the village of Poelcappelle, a mile or two from Ieper (Or Ypres depending on where you come from)

A man who survived being shot at the first battle of the Somme in 1916, Robert was patched up and returned to Belgium just in time for the Passchendaele campaign. He was not so lucky second time around and although we don’t know for sure, it is my suspicion that Robert was caught up in an artillery barrage early on that day.

Robert is remembered on the Tyne Cot Cemetery walls. I last visited with my father back in October 2007 on the 90th anniversary of the battle that proved to be his last. It is a connection I like to make and a journey that I have to take when over on this side of the channel.

john davy

The memorial at Tyne Cot, Belgium

Onward from there for a quick walk on Dunkirk beach and a final blast of military remembrance before heading home.

The glitz and money in motor-sport are transient. By Monday, the travelling circus of Blancpain will be gone and someone will have won the race.

Spa will become silent once again.

It will be equally quiet in Ieper where Robert and his comrades in arms are a permanent reminder of days gone by.

48 hours in different worlds.

Two very different worlds.

Lest we forget……

Two new shiny things are starting to roll off the Linkedin production line!

Two new shiny things are starting to roll off the Linkedin production line!



Firstly, Linkedin has opened up what used to be called the influencer program. Whilst linked in will always support their star names (Richard Branson and James Caan to name two!), they are opening up to all the option to write long form blog posts within the platform of LinkedIn.

As an existent blogger, this was great news and is something you should consider.

I will explain why.

It may seem hard to believe that the Internet is just about 20 years old (At least in a consumer usable form). It is really still a baby, albeit a very fast growing one! In the current era, it is not sufficient to just have a website, which is why, in part, we are all hanging around on this wonderful platform called LinkedIn.

Competition for visibility has never been higher. To simply get your message seen by the right people is a tremendous challenge to most. Therefore, when somebody offers you the chance to talk to some 300 million people, well why wouldn’t you?

Influencer posts were seen by tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The chances are you are not quite that famous, but Linkedin is a huge distribution channel, that takes some beating.

At this stage in the UK, you have to apply for early adoption of this opportunity.

A link to where you apply can be found here.

The number of people reading blog posts is relative to the vast number of bloggers who are out there. Within LinkedIn, you have a ready and willing community that has common ground and similar interests to you.

Take advantage of this great new opportunity LinkedIn has to offer. To prove a point here I will also post what started as a LinkedIn Group discussion as an article so you can see what I mean

One of the great things about this is the ability you have re-purpose the work you are already doing for other platforms. You should get the picture on just how good this can be and how much you can gain from one piece of create content!

For part two. . . 

of today’s news, you do have to be a LinkedIn premium member which costs around hundred quid for a year. In my book well worth it for the additional features and enhanced search options you get within the package.



Todays email from Linkedin


Its all about the first impression and LinkedIn are looking for ways to help you build your professional brand including larger profile photos and access to background images for the banner of your profile.

In my case I chose to upload my own image (London Skyline), and inserted my company logo. (why don’t you go and search me on LinkedIn and have a look?) Other features that come with this include a double size listing for your profile in search results and the ability to track your impact with the “how are you rank tool” designed to help you refine your profile.



Banner image for john Davy’s LinkedIn profile


Members of Archant Norfolk and Suffolk Future 50 are chosen by Archant as excellent examples of successful businesses and entrepreneurs. LinkedIn is a tool that by design is there to help you take your success to another level.

Why not use it to the full?

You can apply today.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions


John Davy

The Art in creating Authenticity

The Art in creating Authenticity


There are people in this world who live & breathe authenticity.

They exude it from every pore and attain levels of consistency that others can only dream of.

The “why” in someone is the key to their authenticity.

This inextricably links to level of trust they receive and how much people will buy into their goals & ambitions. From a business perspective if you were to compare a person who is following a scripted sales program (driving down a prepared selling pitch) to someone who has passion and belief in what they do, then to me there is no competition in who will turn out to be the winner. The authenticity of a person who “believes” shines through and becomes utterly compelling.

business networking

The Art of Authenticity


How do people come to be Authentic?

They live it, staying true to beliefs and their passions.

This is kind of difficult to achieve if your doing something that you neither believe in or feel passionate about.

I have one piece of advice to give if you are in that circumstances

Stop doing that thing, what ever it is, and focus in on what you really want (no, crave)! to do.

Find that singular compelling passion to believe in full. That idea for which you would gladly spend every moment of the day shouting from the rooftops. The passion that when you fail, fall or come across a setback, you just get up again and keep running through the wall to the other side. The thing that when the whole world is against you, you still know in your heart you are dam well right!

If you find that, you will find authenticity and you will find the “why” in you.

You will understand why you do it and why others love you for doing it.

The chances are you will be successful and on top of that you will definitely be happier.

I make no bones about being a huge fan of Simon Sinek. His book “Start with Why” has been a big influence on my life since I read it back in 2012.

The idea is that the greatest people (& companies) in our world start with “why?” and then move on to the how to do it followed by what to do. Worth a read if you get the time!

Richard Branson, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill Bob Dylan, Steve Jobs and Apple, can’t all be wrong.

Spot the irony, but it is still a great version. Authenticity breeds imitation!

Why not take the time to discover you’re why?

This post was originally published on LinkedIn

Have a great week


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