LinkedIn App gets a fresh new look and features

LinkedIn app Update july 2014 and Connected App -




Those of you who have it might have noticed an update on the LinkedIn app for mobile. Here is a review of some of the new features and highlights of this latest release.

Given that the project code of “Blue steel,” the idea was born of a simple concept to make LinkedIn members look the best they can on a mobile platform, whether that be Android iPhone or other. LinkedIn Data suggests that some 43% of all visitors to the platform come by mobile. This is only heading one way.

Your professional identity is the heart of your LinkedIn experience, for you and for others it allows you to tell your story to people you know and people that you want to meet. With the new app, you can discover new insights about other professionals and what you had in common. You can use it as an icebreaker when you meet someone for the first time and from the other end your prospects are informed of your specialities before you arrive.

A summary of the new apps plus points are:

  • Designed for Android, iPad and iPhone
  • “At a glance”  profile creates the best first impression on mobile
  • Enhanced ability to easily showcase ideas and insight
  • All the posts you write anywhere on Linkedin show up on your profile where ever (and on whatever) you or your colleagues are viewing.
  • “On the go”, see what you have in common with people you are about to meet
  • Simpler interface allowing you to update your profile whilst on the move.
  • See who’s viewing your profile and make stronger connections by finding things you have in common

When you link the new LinkedIn app with the connected app, the empowerment is magnified somewhat.


LinkedIn app Update july 2014 and Connected App –

Connected gives you gentle nudges on your connections anniversaries, new jobs and activities allowing you to congratulate somebody on a birthday, or new job or to connect with somebody who will improve your world. It offers search options and a range of control settings

The LinkedIn app brings just about everything else into play from groups, Company searches, Polls, your recent activity and last but not least a very useful intelligence tool that is who viewed your profile.

Just about everything you had on the desktop, now fits in your pocket.

Why not give these two apps a try on your devices and see how you get on. Why not share your tips and tricks on this page and let us know your thoughts?

One day is never the same as the next

Audi at Spa Circuit


Every now and again you get to do something completely out of the ordinary..

And so to today.

I sit here with my macbook air overlooking the spa Francorchamps Circuit (about 40km south east of Liege in Belgium) from the Team Black Falcon Hospitality structure. Good coffee in hand, waiting for some Friends and looking out at an impending thunderstorm that seems to be heading this way.


john davy

The view from the blog


This weekend is the Blancpain 24 Hour endurance race. The Spa circuit is rammed with Lambo’s, Bentley’s and in Team Black Falcons case the mighty AMG Mercedes SLS. My friends at Saudi Sports Group have been racing one of the Team Black Falcon Mercedes all year.

john davy

Team Black Falcon SSG Car #19

Tomorrows 24 race sees Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al Faisal and (on this occasion) his brother Saud Bin Turki Al Faisal both competing in the same event.

john davy


The set up here is immense as are the numbers. Just the bill for the tyres alone in a 24 hour race would make your eyes water and probably pay off most of your mortgage. And that is just for the one team.. There are more than 30 teams here with 2-3 cars each in the field of over 60 racers.


john davy

Dark skies over Eau Rouge – Spa

Tomorrow I head back across Belgium toward the channel tunnel and on to Wiltshire to meet up with family for the weekend.

This presents further opportunity to do some things that generally don’t form the normal course of events for an average Saturday.

On the 22nd October 1917 my Grandfathers brother Robert Davy breathed for the last time in a field close to the village of Poelcappelle, a mile or two from Ieper (Or Ypres depending on where you come from)

A man who survived being shot at the first battle of the Somme in 1916, Robert was patched up and returned to Belgium just in time for the Passchendaele campaign. He was not so lucky second time around and although we don’t know for sure, it is my suspicion that Robert was caught up in an artillery barrage early on that day.

Robert is remembered on the Tyne Cot Cemetery walls. I last visited with my father back in October 2007 on the 90th anniversary of the battle that proved to be his last. It is a connection I like to make and a journey that I have to take when over on this side of the channel.

john davy

The memorial at Tyne Cot, Belgium

Onward from there for a quick walk on Dunkirk beach and a final blast of military remembrance before heading home.

The glitz and money in motor-sport are transient. By Monday, the travelling circus of Blancpain will be gone and someone will have won the race.

Spa will become silent once again.

It will be equally quiet in Ieper where Robert and his comrades in arms are a permanent reminder of days gone by.

48 hours in different worlds.

Two very different worlds.

Lest we forget……

Two new shiny things are starting to roll off the Linkedin production line!

Banner image for john Davy's LinkedIn profile

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The Art in creating Authenticity

The Art of Authenticity

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The first podcast of 2014 brings Kat Holt to Biznetworkguy

Kat Holt blogs on middle England beauty bum!

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The blinding light of problem solving

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