The Periscope or Meerkat Quandary

Who will be the winner in the great game of Live streaming?

The truth is nobody knows yet. Two spanking new apps released in the Spring of 2015, are showing all the signs of being a Betamax v VHS or Apple v PC battle for supremacy.

For those that don’t know, they are both live streaming apps that work on IOS and Android. The App’s give anybody with a phone or tablet device (along with access to the internet), the opportunity to broadcast LIVE to the world from where ever they are.

My first hint of the existence of these systems came at the opening speech of Social Media Marketing world 2015 in San Diego. Mike Stelzner spoke about Meerkat in his Keynote, little realising that Periscope (A Twitter Supported App) was being released to the world as he spoke.

In the weeks since San Diego, I have been operating both apps, looking for the angle to make the systems work for my business. Shiny new apps tend to take their time to develop. It was pointless to choose between the two, so I went with both to see what happened.

Here are my reflections on both systems along with what would be nice to see coming down the tracks.



Meerkat came first, and so gets first slot.

Meerkat is a downloadable app that streams live to the internet from your phone or tablet. Meerkat links to your Twitter account and notifies all your Twitter followers the moment you hit the stream button.

As soon as you start streaming, followers can see your broadcast, retweeting to others if they like what they see. The top of the screen shares the location of the stream and the twitter ID of the broadcaster.

Below that you see (hopefully many) icons that indicate the Twitter followers who are watching the broadcast. Numbers can be into the hundreds. (I don’t know if there is a limit.) You can also see the title of the stream including the hashtag

Meerkat is very easy to use once you link up your Twitter account. The single page interface asks you to title your stream and has a button marked “Schedule” and another marked “Stream”.

The schedule button allows you to “forward plan” a stream and alert your followers to the upcoming broadcast. It will send you a reminder nearer the time and can schedule 24 hours ahead.

Hit the stream button and you are live!. It can sometimes feel funny talking to no one at the start of the process, but talk you must.

In a few seconds, you start to see the icons of those who are watching. They can comment like and re-tweet your broadcast. They are also free to come and go, so you better make it interesting

When you finish your broadcast, it’s gone, Vamoose! Never to be seen again, at least on Meerkat.

Meerkat does not support the storage of your stream, but it does give the opportunity to overload the storage on your iPhone by saving the stream to your phone library. Being a video, you can expect this to take up Gigabyte chunks of your memory banks!

One thing Meerkat does that Periscope doesn’t, is to let you connect to a Facebook Fan page. A big + tick for that!



Periscope is (marginally) my favoured system as things stand. A couple of extra features influence my thinking.

Periscope does pretty much the same job as Meerkat. It allows for onscreen comments, re-tweet capability and also lets a viewer tap the screen, creating hearts that float up the screen. The hearts tell the broadcaster you like their stuff!

Where Periscope wins out is at the end of the stream.

When your stream finishes, it does not disappear. Periscope keep things live for replay over the next 24 hours, allowing people to view your video during that time.

The second reason to like Periscope is the data it gives you after the stream finishes, including viewers Twitter ID. Periscope tells you who is watching on mobile or via a desktop. You can connect with them and follow as needed. To my knowledge, Meerkat does not do this.

The Split Test

On first look at both apps, you see a lot of sunset, cats up trees along with people walking and talking about not very much. I wanted to find a way to provide something useful that people could engage & enable them to respond.

So started @linkedinadviser on Twitter.

The aim is to see how long it take to build a community using one or both of these platforms and find out which one works best for this purpose. Three days in and the Twitter following is starting to grow with no other marketing on any other channel.

I am working on combining my saved streams and getting them on to Youtube. It seems an awful waste just to let them go without making the most of the content. The challenge here is how to make a portrait view look good on youtube.

Watch this space for that one!

Meerkat has a suppurating app in Meerkatch that automatically can do this for you in a very basic kind of auto-posting way.

Future developments we would like to see!

Let’s be clear up front. These are very new systems that are constantly under development. More data on followers would be welcome, especially on Meerkat

More Metrics and measurable data

The ability to notify more than one Twitter account and for Periscope to be able to link to Facebook Pages would be a great move.

All things said and done; there is an opportunity for marketers on these platforms. As ever, the challenge comes in finding a useful way to use the systems that meet the needs & challenges of your client market.


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6 Things That Make a Business Go Boom!


business networking

Business overwhelming you? 6 ideas to help you get through – Photo Gary John Norman


The ride of the entrepreneur is often not smooth. Blood, sweat, tears & commitment don’t guarantee the return on investment, especially  if you don’t solve a problem for your client.

The obstacles that arise along the way can sometimes seem overwhelming.

The path to the positive outcome can be a long one and the hard truth is you just have to keep walking. Treating failure as feedback, then kicking on into the next phase undeterred is essential.

When setting up a new enterprise, it is important to get help as you progress. Heres some things I wish I’d had in the tank at the start

1. Find a problem and solve it

There is a deal of respect to be directed at those who choose the course of being writers, musicians, poets, and actors. Anything creative relies on a community having an emotional desire to buy your stuff. So many people want to do this emotionally charged work, and yet, so few people can make it pay.

The point is that there is no imperative for anyone to buy your stuff.

Money isn’t everything, but it does help in giving you a freedom to make the right decisions.

The differentiator between art and business comes primarily in solving problems for others.

Finding a problem that needs your expertise or an input that offers a significant saving of time and cost gives you the arrows in your quiver to pitch to a client with confidence.

The bigger the problem you can solve, the better chance that someone will be willing to pay well for it.

2. Give with no expectation of return.

In the earliest days of my journey, I found Mike Stelzner’s book “Launch” to be an exceptionally useful read

In “Launch” Mike articulates the best ways of engaging with a community. He suggests you look for people’s problems and solve them to the best of your ability.

Offer your best and give 100% for free.

Expect nothing in return.

The key is to develop a following or tribe of people who support your work. In time, when you have developed the highest levels of trust, you can then ask them for something in return. The chances are you will get it because there is trust in your intentions.

Mike now runs the Social Media Examiner web site and runs the conference, Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. The site has over 360k subscribers and the conference sells out every year with nearly 4000 delegates paying around $900 per ticket.

Work it out!

business networking

Seeing the light for you client is having their problems solved

3. A Definition of social Media.

The best description of the difference that social media has made in our networks came from a chap called Chris Brogan

He said, “People buy from people they like.” He added “They like the people they think they know!”

Therein lies the definition of social media.

Some people you know. Some people you know very well. The vast majority of people on your social channels can probably be best described as tenuous acquaintances. The rest are people you probably met once (maybe!) and in reality have little or nothing to do with you.

So What?

It is difficult to be a stranger these days and in commercial terms that’s a great thing. The days of cold calling are over. The ability to connect with people, engage and sell to them has never been more in your hands

4. The 80/20 rule of life.

80% will think about it.  20% will do it. Of that 20%, a very small number will do it well.

For those that act, the world awaits. By doing something that is useful to others and doing it consistently, you win.

Lionel Messi is the best footballer in the world as he is the most consistent in performance.

Most people don’t do it at all, so by just executing on almost any level you are going to be ahead of the competition.

5. Plant the seed

You set the seed and plants begin to grow.

Another book I would highly recommend is The Pumpkin Plan by  Mike Michalowicz.

Competition pumpkins in the US grow as big as your house, but out of the 1000 seeds planted, only three to five make it big, and only one or two become the champions.

The key is to watch those champions grow and then figure out what made it happen. Once understood, you only use champion seeds when you plant the next crop.

An essential part of the process is to weed out the none champions.

In business terms, this means losing the bad paying clients, the pains in the butt, and those people you don’t want to work with, but for some reason think you have to.

You do not! Get rid and see how much better you feel

6. The unnecessary pain of email

Email takes over most people’s worlds to obsessive levels. The distraction caused is one of the greatest diverters of time and energy known to mankind.

Reading Tim Ferris “4-hour work week” helped me to see the light.

His advice is..

Check your mail twice per day at 12 noon and 4pm.

Hey, stop shouting I’m just the messenger.

If you do nothing else, you have got to try this.

It works a treat.


You think you have to drop everything for email, but the truth is you don’t!

If it is important they will call. On most occasions, they don’t.

In the mean time can you begin to imagine what you can get done in 3 hours with no distractions. I’m telling you it’s a lot!

There you have a few ideas that will help you get through your day with less stress and more efficiency.

Do let me know what you think & have a great week



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