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Same Old Question Same Old Answer

It's only easy when you know the answer


In recent months with the new business, Dojo Media Consulting, I have sat with a wide ranging groups of business people, from different backgrounds and various industries. Our foot in the door has invariably come from talking about LinkedIn, with the end result usually leading on to a wider discussion on to the great mystery we know as digital marketing.

Whilst I am not going to suggest the following post is in any way scientifically based, a number of interesting patterns have emerged over the last few weeks.

digital media strategy

Easy for confusion to reign in the social world


There are two questions that find their way into most conversations and nine times out of ten the answers we get are the same.

Question #1


“Why don’t you fill out your profile?”

This was my big light on moment with LinkedIn. Way back when in the summer of 2013 when I picked up the phone to my friend Dave Withey and had a conversation with him about the value of LinkedIn. My question was why did he not complete his profile in full.

The answer that came back on that occasion (and on many occasions since) was this:


When I spoke to Dave, he absolutely got LinkedIn.  He knew that it would directly benefit his business to be well represented on a platform such as LinkedIn. What he didn’t have was the time to apply to that body of work in his schedule. From that single moment, my friends, a business as born.

As a direct result of shipping and delivering a useful service to clients, (i.e. the simple act of delivering what you said on the tin & on time) they would go onto enquire:

“What else can you do?”

From this position you very quickly find the ball starts rolling down the hill, out of which a consultancy business really starts to get some traction.

Soon after the second question with the same answer came into focus.

Question #2


” Why do you do social media?”

When you ask this question the first thing you tend to notice is a bit of squirming in the seat, followed by the tentative reply:

“ Because everyone else is doing it”

Just take a minute to consider the logic of that reply.

It is extremely common and provokes a number of thoughts. First and foremost, it becomes pretty clear that the client is operating an ad hoc approach to their digital business activity, based on a limited understanding.

It is a reactive approach, rather than a considered one.


digital media strategy

It's only easy when you know the answer


You can have the answer to that one for free.

In my view the correct answer to that question is to think through the goals and objectives for the business, and then reverse engineer to find the pools that your clients are drinking from. It is far better to enable your social media to support your business goals and objectives, rather than chase the tails of those around you.

A few hours with your thinking cap on and the whiteboard can make all the difference.

Oh and for those of you who are still Dazed and Confused, this should make you feel better…

Have a great week!

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